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First Look at Renders of the New iPhone 12

Apple launches a new iPhone every year. You would think after so many announcements, product launches and years spent buying the tech we’d grow tired of it all. But if these new renders are anything to go by, the iPhone 12 looks set to continue the success and take out the smartphone popularity contest again in 2020.

Smartphone news site PhoneArena has created some professional-looking renders based on all the rumours surrounding the iPhone 12. The renders suggest Apple is shaking up the design of the next iPhone, more so than in previous years, channelling a now-classic design from a decade ago. We’re talking the iPhone 4.

apple iphone 12 rumours

What this means is Apple could be shifting away from the rounded edges and returning to the sharper, squarer edges found on earlier models. PhoneArena points out that this boxier design would fit right alongside the current iPad and The Powerful New Apple Item Confusing the Internet designs. We’re all for the boxier look. So long as Apple doesn’t give the iPhone 12 a weak glass caseback like the iPhone 4.

PhoneArena speculates iPhone 12 will feature Apple’s first quad-camera system, including wide, telephoto, ultra-wide and Time-of-Flight cameras. It was Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claimed the addition of a Time-of-Flight (or TOF) camera. They can measure depth much more accurately than standard cameras. It would be ideally suited for Augmented Reality which is technology Apple has been rumoured to be working on for quite some time. See the render for Apple Glasses right here.

iphone 12 rumours

The other significant design change would be the removal of the notch, or at least, reducing its size. Another rumour highlighted by PhoneArena suggests Apple is experimenting with phones that have no notch. Instead, the bezels are thicker to compensate. The idea being the earpiece and front-facing camera would both be housed inside the bezel. The questions then become how thick will the bezels need to be and how with this effect selfies and Face ID?

This final one is pure speculation. Apple tends to stick with cooler colours, typically making its phones available in silver, grey, black and white. The iPhone 11 Pro was available in Midnight Green and the iOS 15 Features Every iPhone User Needs to Know About, so maybe the iPhone 12 will be available in new or classic colours like rose gold, and it’s about time we have the option of a blue colour. PhoneArena argues a dark blue-grey called Mightnight Blue would pair nicely with the current line-up of colours.

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iphone 12 rumours

Everything presented above could be true but should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple could make slight changes, or the iPhone 12 could end up shaped like the head of the late, great Steve Jobs for all we truly know. Several of the promising rumours were published by the same guy who leaked early 50+ Minimalist iPhone Wallpapers designs and was 100% on the money. Time will reveal all.

Image Credits: PhoneArena

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apple smartphone design

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