Power all Apple Devices at Once With the iMate Charger

If you’re one among the millions of Apple loyalists out there, a new product is aiming to completely streamline your ecosystem. It goes by the name iMate, and it’s promising to both sync and power all your Apple devices, quickly and simultaneously. Not only does the charger support all series of MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but it additionally features USB-C ports, a 4K HDMI port, and an SD card reader. Meanwhile, it all comes in a nimble body that looks straight out of Apple’s own workshop. In other words, the iMate will blend right in with your arsenal of Apple gadgetry.

imate apple charger color

While the iMate isn’t the world’s first multi-charging dock, its potential to outpace the competition is certainly promising. After all, who would argue with that durable, efficient design, or those extra perks like high-speed data transfer and an SD card reader? Indeed, the device will not only power numerous gadgets at once, but it can upload and backup all your photos and videos at the very same time. That’s what we like to call firing on all cylinders.

imate apple charger watch and others

Currently raising capital (and exceeding its funding goal) through Indiegogo, the iMate is still in its developmental stages. Here’s hoping creator Alex Chan brings this one over the finish line. In the meantime, all your super early birds out there can help make it happen, so head on over to Indiegogo to show the iMate some love.

Check it out

imate apple charger top and side view

imate apple charger use all device

imate apple charger use phone


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