Native Union Drop XL Apple Wireless Charger For US$140

This one is for the Apple fanboys. The diehards that own the entire Apple suite – the iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch – this is a wireless charger for the one that has it all. A wireless charge from Native Union that may as well be Apple’s own speculated AirPower. Why? Because this thing is terrific, and it looks pretty schmick too.

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From Uncrate Supply, where all your objects of desire and tools of the trade are found, the Native Union XL Apple Watch Wireless charger is available now for US$140, a fantastic bit of tech at a reasonable price considering all it can do.

As with all wireless chargers, the Native Union XL works with all Qi-compatible devices. The XL offers two charging coils for your iPhone and AirPods, plus a detachable charging puck for your Apple Watch that plugs into the rear USB-A Port, meaning your older, non-wireless charging devices can get their juice.

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Offering a total max output of 32W, with each coil capable of delivering 7.5W optimised fast charging for your Apple devices. Rated at a max 10W, this charger has plenty of grunt to keep your iPhone, AirPods and Watch charged, at the same time.

With every device covered, this handsome device will reduce clutter while also looking stylish no matter where you put it. Sporting a striking combination of hard-wearing home texture and aircraft-grade aluminium, this is “a charger you won’t hideaway”.

Thanks to the silicone tread pattern on the top of the charger your device your phone not only stays put while charging but won’t overheat either. It’s this kind of incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail that you can expect from Native Union.

Head on over to Uncrate Supply to grab yours today.

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