The Coolest Product Apple Release at its Announcement – A Space Grey Keyboard

Along with the recent debut of Apple’s ultra-premium iMac Pro came a stunning new keyboard in space grey, which fans were simply loving. However, to the chagrin of those fans–many of whom didn’t want to drop 5k on a computer–the keyboard was exclusive to Apple’s desktop behemoth…until now. At long last, Apple is selling its Magic Keyboard with space grey finish as an independent accessory. Just don’t tell all the folks who previously paid outrageous mark-ups for the keyboard on eBay.

apple space grey more eye catching keyboard

Suffice to say, Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is as functional as it ever was, and all the more eye-catching. Thanks to quick-scrolling navigation controls and a scissor mechanism beneath each key, the sleek accessory remains stable and optimal no matter where you might be using it. Also featured is a built-in rechargeable battery.

apple space grey on the table with mouse

Along with the new space grey keyboard, Apple is also offering a Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse in the same seductive colour. As it turns out, the famously insular tech brand does listen to its fans every now and then.

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