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30 Best Australian Podcasts: Recommendations Everyone Wants

The best Australian podcasts inspire, educate, entertain and inform. Best of all, they are readily available through ABC podcasts and other platforms, bringing high-quality fare directly to your eardrums. From the gripping true crime to the hilarious musings, the nation’s best podcasts rarely fail to edutain (to use the parlance of our times). With so many amazing Australian podcasts to listen to, you may be overwhelmed but don’t worry–there’s plenty of time to catch up. You can start by loading up the ABC Listen app, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, or your app of choice. After that, it’s just a matter of getting your binge on. Here is a list of the 30 best Australian podcasts.

1. Casefile True Crime Podcast

More than one of Australia’s best podcasts, “Casefile” has taken on a global life of its own. Eschewing lurid exploitation and other genre stalwarts, it cuts straight to the facts of each heinous crime. It’s all brought to us by an anonymous narrator, who retains an even-keeled demeanour no matter how intense the subject matter.

Host: Anonymous
Topic: True Crime
Number of episodes to date: 200

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2. Stuff You Should Know

The title sums it up pretty well, this podcast is all about the random things you ought to know, from serious to silly and everything in between. Josh and Chuck will cover everything you need to know, from champagne to satanism to Rosa Parks. Since its debut in 2008, the podcast consistently ranks in the top 10 on iTunes and is one of the most popular podcasts not just in Australia, but the world.

Host: Josh Clark & Charles Bryant
Topic: Pop-Culture
Number of episodes to date: 1600+

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3. Hamish & Andy

Australia’s favourite duo, comedians Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have been making Australians laugh for almost 20 years, and continue to do so with their podcast. Like all their previous collaborations, this one delivers no shortage of bona fide Aussie humour. Laughter is guaranteed.

Host: Hamish Blake & Andy Lee
Topic: Comedy
Number of episodes to date: 284

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4. The Kyle & Jackie O Show

Another iconic Australian duo born from our radio, Kyle & Jackie O also have one of the most iconic Australian podcasts. The show is a podcast-friendly cut of their daily radio show, which is full of laughs and takes a light-hearted approach to pretty much every topic you could imagine. If you’re overly sensitive, maybe give this one a skip.

Host: Kyle Sandilands & Jackie O
Topic: Pop-Culture
Number of episodes to date: 418

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5. 7am

On a more serious note, 7am is a daily news podcast for all those news-heads out there. It is from the Publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper and tells the news through a series of in-depth analyses and extensive interviews. You will be an expert at any issue they cover.

Host: Ruby Jones
Topic: News and Current Affairs
Number of episodes to date: 523

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6. The Daily Aus

The Daily Aus podcast is a short, five-minute snapshot of the news that matters most to you. Presented by co-founders Sam and Zara, the podcast runs every weekday morning as they cover the news of the day, diving deep into politics, news and current affairs.

Host: Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski
Topic: News and Current Affairs
Number of episodes to date: 140

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7. The Update

The Update is another news podcast with a fresh, Aussie twist. Nova Podcasts brings you the latest news from Australia and the world, with everything from politics, to sport, to entertainment. The podcasts are often short and sweet, so this is a good one if you don’t have that much spare time on your hands.

Host: Nova Podcasts
Topic: Pop-Culture
Number of episodes to date: 302

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8. She’s On The Money

The one-stop podcast for millennial women who want financial freedom, She’s On The Money is one of the best Australian podcasts that are full of tips and hints. The host and brains behind the podcast, Victoria Devine shares everything she knows about money, saving and everything else, to help you achieve financial independence and success.

Host: Victoria Devine
Topic: Finance
Number of episodes to date: 131

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9. SEN Breakfast

AFL lovers, this one’s for you! Two ex-players with plenty of experience and knowledge of the beautiful game come together to provide expertise and insight about everything in the AFL and sporting landscape. If you don’t know much about the sport, a listen to this will have you sorted.

Host: Gary Lyon & Tim Watson
Topic: Sport
Number of episodes to date: 652

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10. Triple M Footy AFL

The Triple M Footy AFL podcast will get you prepped and ready for all the weekend’s footy action. Treat it like the warm-up before the big game, except you can sit back with a beer in hand. Expect to be informed and entertained at the same time with this engaging sports podcast.

Host: Triple M
Topic: Sport
Number of episodes to date: 1,105

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11. Sky News – News Bulletin

This one is a bit different but that doesn’t mean you won’t love it. If you have a Google Home device, you will be pleased to know you can hear your favourite Sky News podcasts or the latest news bulletins from Sky news on demand. You won’t miss a beat.

Host: Sky News
Topic: News and Current Affairs

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12. My Favourite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Two huge fans of crime and murder stories have come together and turned their passion into a riveting podcast that all of us can enjoy. Karen and Georgia explore, chat and share their favourite tales of murder and crime stories from friends and fans alike. You’ll get to hear some spooky stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.

Host: Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark
Topic: True Crime
Number of episodes to date: 526

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13. No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish is an award-winning podcast from the QI offices. In this podcast, writers from the hit BBC show sit down for a chat to discuss the best things they’ve found out that week. It feels just like a weekly catch up with your mates!

Host: Dan Schreiber, James Harkin, Andrew Murray, Anna Ptaszynski
Topic: Pop-Culture
Number of episodes to date: 400

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14. Whateley

If sports of all sorts are your thing, this Australian podcast is right up your alley. Gerald Whateley chats all things sport along with his fellow media and industry friends. It is a different kind of sports podcast as Whateley expertly combines journalism, extensive analysis and emotive coverage, all in one.

Host: Gerald Whateley
Topic: Sport
Number of episodes to date: 648

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15. Jase & PJ

Another hilarious, light-hearted morning radio show turned-podcast, Jase & PJ is one of the best mood-lifting Australian podcasts out there. Their banter is ripe and they’re both impossible to hate, with plenty of pranks and laughter thrown in to lighten up your morning.

Host: Jason Hawkings & Polly Harding
Topic: Pop-Culture
Number of episodes to date: 1,347

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16. The Briefing

A news show for millennials, with the guidance of former Triple J Hack presenter Tom Tiley and several of his trusted and favourite journalists as co-hosts. The briefing gives you the latest headlines each morning. However, the difference is, the hosts dive deep into the topic, with an interview on one topic each day so that you get all the goss.

Host: Tom Tiley
Topic: News And Current Affairs
Number of episodes to date: 324

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17. Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project

If you’re a loyal follower of Hamish and Andy or even just a regular Australian citizen, you will know that they’ve been around for a pretty long time. In this podcast, the dynamic duo takes a step back and reminisce over the 2,500 shows they have produced across the last two decades. You’ll definitely be feeling nostalgic after listening to this one.

Host: Hamish Blake & Andy Lee
Topic: Comedy
Number of episodes to date: 31

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18. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

We all love a bit of true crime, but sometimes we need a laugh in the midst. In a very unique way, Morbid manages to do this which makes it one of the most innovative Australian podcasts to come out so far. The host explores all things creepy, seamlessly combining in-depth research and the perfect dose of comedy.

Host: Laina Urquhart & Ashleigh Kelley
Topic: True Crime
Number of episodes to date: 295

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19. The Howie Games

Have you ever wondered about the real stories behind the sports headlines we are so used to hearing? You don’t usually expect to shed a few tears listening to a sports podcast, but this is one with a difference. Sports journalist Mark Howard sits down with some of the biggest names in Australian and world sport to uncover their true stories.

Host: Mark Howard
Topic: Sport
Number of episodes to date: 245

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20. Rush Hour with JB and Billy

One of the best Australian podcasts if you’re looking to find comedy and sport in one place. Taken from Triple M’s favourite rush hour broadcast, you can now listen at any time of the day. This podcast is especially special if you want to be in the thick of the Melbourne sports scene, from afar.

Host: James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless
Topic: Sport
Number of episodes to date: 1,023

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21. Kate, Tim & Joel

The drive home with three of your favourite Aussie media personalities, whenever you want it. Expect a fresh combination of the day’s hot topics, goss as well as some much-needed games to help lighten your day. It features all of your favourite segments from the show, in one place.

Host: Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell & Joel Creasey
Topic: Pop-Culture
Number of episodes to date: 1,842

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22. Freakonomics Radio

Delving into almost every topic you could imagine, Freakonomics Radio can help you out with what to think about most things. From how to fix the US healthcare system to how to manage your goal hierarchy, this podcast will leave you a smarter, better person (we hope.) The host, Stephen Dubner, chats with some impressive intellectuals so we can say this with confidence.

Host: Stephen Dubner
Topic: News and Current Affairs
Number of episodes to date: 588

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23. Super Soul

Just like the old days when you used to tune into The Oprah Winfrey show, you can now tune in daily once again with her podcast. Oprah does what she does best, getting deep and introducing us to a range of thought-provoking and inspiring individuals. This podcast is great for when you’re feeling like your week needs a pick-me-up!

Host: Oprah Winfrey
Topic: Inspiration
Number of episodes to date: 334

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24. The Mindset Mentor

Feeling a little low? Just like Oprah’s magical powers, this podcast is also guaranteed to help lift your mood. With the help of host Rob Dial, this is one of the most effective Australian podcasts for inspiring motivation, direction and focus. Rob has been trusted in his field for years, so you’d be a fool not to listen to what he has to say.

Host: Rob Dial
Topic: Inspiration
Number of episodes to date: 979

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25. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Jump in on the wisdom train and get your fix of wise words and inspiration every Monday and Friday with Jay Shetty’s insightful podcast. He talks to some of the world’s most interesting and thoughtful people and hopes to inspire people to live with purpose and direction.

Host: Jay Shetty
Topic: Inspiration
Number of episodes to date: 224

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26. From The Newsroom

Regular news updates are essential, even if you’re running short on time. Luckily, the team at know what busy lives we all lead and have created a news podcast series that gives you all the important headlines and information you need to know, in small, digestible bites.

Topic: News and Current Affairs
Number of episodes to date: 815

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27. Triple M Rocks Footy NRL

This is the perfect podcast for all the die-hard NRL fans out there. Triple M Rocks Footy NRL will provide you with all your weekend footy updates. The team of hosts educate and entertain with the perfect balance. If you’re a newbie to the great Australian game, a listen to this podcast will catch you up to speed.

Host: Ryan Girdler, Peter Sterling, Emma Lawrence and Tony Squires.
Topic: Sport
Number of episodes to date: 1,969

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28. Please Explain

The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have come together in a beautiful marriage to give us this great podcast for news and current affairs. Please Explain gives you short, daily insights into the stories that drive Australia. Each episode is around ten minutes, giving you a comprehensive update in a perfect burst.

Host: The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald
Topic: News and Current Affairs
Number of episodes to date: 100

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29. Life and Crimes with Andrew Rule

This Australian podcast is an example of what happens when one of our most prolific journalists delves deep into the world of Australian crime. He takes a look at everything from our nation’s greatest mysteries to more recent crimes. Brace yourself, as you will discover Australia’s darker side.

Host: Andrew Rule
Topic: True Crime
Number of episodes to date: 190

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30. The Sure Thing

If the dark Australian underground isn’t quite your cup of tea, maybe some white-collar crime is more up your alley. If this is the case, The Sure Thing is the ideal podcast for you. It tells the untold story of how two university students got caught up in the world of insider trading scams. It is an edge-of-your-seat six-part trading podcast.

Host: Angus Grigg
Topic: True Crime
Number of episodes to date: 11

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General FAQs

What is the most downloaded podcast in Australia?

According to the latest statistics, the top four most downloaded shows are Audioboom’s Casefile True Crime podcast hanging on to the top spot on the list. ARN/iHeartPodcast Network Australia’s Stuff You Should Know remained at #2, Hamish & Andy #3 and The Kyle & Jackie O Show rounding out the mainstay top four.

What is the best sports podcast in Australia?

While there are a number of great sports podcasts or whatever your code of choice, the most downloaded include Triple M Rocks Footy AFL and NRL, Cricket Unfiltered and Whateley.

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