Bose Combines Sight and Sound in their Frames Audio Sunglasses

Anymore, there are two accessories that you have to have when you venture out—earphones and sunglasses. Bose is bucking that trend, making it so that you only need to worry about grabbing one thing. Their new Frames Audio Sunglasses come with Bose speakers built into the frames’ arms. The frames themselves have a classic silhouette, speaking to just how far audio technology has advanced that speakers could be added to the frames without changing their profile. The miniaturized speakers sit at your temple, and immerse you in rich sound. Your music is directed at you, keeping it from disturbing others while you hear it with perfect resolution.

BOSE sunglasses

The frames consist of metal hinges and nylon rims. The lenses are also scratch and shatter resistant. The sunglasses are built to last, and their classic yet stylish design means they won’t go out of style. They’re also equipped with Bose AR, the world’s first audio-only augmented reality platform. Bose AR lets you partake of fitness, travel, and even games in a completely new way.

BOSE frames

The frames come in two styles: Alto and Rondo. Both are listed at $199.95. If you’re not quite sure about the glasses, you can take them for a 30-day test drive, but Bose is pretty convinced that you won’t want to give them up once you’ve experienced them for yourself.

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