Bose Introduces Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Audio brand Bose is already the foremost name in noise-cancelling technology, and now they’re taking that concept to the next logical place. Specifically, the brand has just dropped new noise-masking sleepbuds, which fit comfortably in the ear, and synchronise 10 pre-loaded “sleeptracks” with the frequency patterns of intrusive nighttime sounds such as snoring, barking, traffic, noisy neighbors, or annoying bedmates. As a result, external distractions get buried underneath a layer of ambient sound, thereby enabling a sufficient night’s sleep…for once.

bose noise masking sleepbuds woman

Representing a breakthrough in engineering, each Bose sleepbud weighs in at a mere 1.4 grams, and measures just over 1cm in respective length and height. Despite their insanely compact size, the buds manage to host a rechargeable battery, a transducer, an amplifier, and a micro-circuit board. Furthermore, the exterior includes a laser-etched antenna, which enables connectivity to your smartphone or tablet, and allows you to set an alarm or adjust your preferences. The buds also attach to noise-isolating StayHear + Sleep tips, creating yet another barrier between your ears and the outside world. Each tip is plush, weightless, and pliable, meaning it won’t stir you from your slumber.

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Sleep deprivation is a legitimate health threat affecting millions upon millions of people across the world. That means the Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds are literal life-savers when you think about it. They last for 16 hours on a single charge (a charging case is included with purchase), connect with the Bose Sleep app, fit comfortably in the ear, and mask external distractions by way of 10 pre-loaded ambient layers of sound. Buy them at a retail price of $379 AUD, and start getting the sleep you deserve.

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