Echo Earbuds from Amazon and Bose Offer AirPods Alternative

While most earbuds are shrinking in size, Amazon and Bose have partnered on a new AI-assisted alternative to the AirPod and other earbuds. The IPx4 Echo Earbuds are larger than your average earbuds, but they also offer a whole lot more.

amazon bose IPX4

The Echo Earbuds are true wireless, yet they provide premium sound for up to five hours on a single charge. Sensors inside the earbuds detect when an earbud has been removed and will pause the playback. Dual premium drivers provide an immersive sound, which is further enhanced by Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology. The earbuds feature two modes, noise reduction and passthrough.

While the noise reduction isn’t noise cancellation, it does make use of algorithms from Bose to limit background noise. In passthrough mode, the earbuds allow you to hear what’s going on around you. To change the modes, you only need to double-tap on the earbud. You can also toggle the mode using voice commands, thanks to the earbuds’ three microphones.

amazon bose echo earbuds

Voice activation and control also applies to Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, which, with the use of the Echo Earbuds, you can take with you everywhere. Alexa can help you control your entertainment, playing back music, podcasts, or audiobooks. The Echo Earbuds can stream Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Sirius XM. You can also ask Alexa for directions or to place a call, as well as setting a reminder or checking your calendar.

There’s even talk of Alexa being able to tell you if an item is in stock at the Wholefoods Market near you.

The Echo Earbuds come with a charging case. You can also choose from three sizes of wing tips and ear tips for a better fit—because no two ears are exactly the same. Plus you can use Alexa skills with the earbuds. Similar to apps, the skills let you do different things, like playing an audio book, requesting an Uber, or placing an order. You can get a set of the earbuds through Amazon Devices for USD$129.99.

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