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Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones Connect 2 Devices at Once

There’s no denying that easily recognisable brands carry a certain influence and can pull in customers for products they otherwise may not consider. While some brands use that influence to unload questionable products in the name of raising the bottom line, other brands continue in their tradition of excellence even when venturing outside of their normal market. One such brand is Porsche. The Porsche Design house attaches the iconic nameplate to a range of different products that are, much like its cars, some of the best on the market. Case in point – the Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones.

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Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones | Image: Porsche Design

It’s fairly easy to pick up on the automotive influence with the PDH80 Headphones. The oval shape is no doubt a nod to the racetrack, while the ear cups bear an engraved Porsche Design logo, which doesn’t interfere with the right ear cup functioning as the touch control panel for music control and call management. Presumably, to keep the headphones light, the frame is made of aluminium and has a matte finish. Viscoelastic foam is used for the ear cushions for added comfort. The cups also feature LED lights that clue you in on pairing status as well as battery level.

Performance is handled by a pair of 50 mm neodymium drivers, one in each ear, and speaking of audio performance, you’ll be dazzled by the 75-hour battery life per charge (admittedly, that life drops to 50 hours with active noise cancellation on, but even that’s pretty impressive). The headphones can also be used via an audio cable. The ear cups also feature an integrated microphone with Echo cancellation, so your hands-free calls will be crystal clear.

Porsche design pdh80 headphones

Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones | Image: Porsche Design

You also get four modes of active noise cancellation—off, high, low, and ambient sound. The wear detection tech in the earphones will pause your music when you take off the headphones and then will start it up again when you put them back on. Finally using Bluetooth, you can connect the headphones to two different devices simultaneously.

Much like the Porsche cars, the PDH80 headphones are high performers. And much like the cars, you’ll pay a premium to get a pair—specifically USD$425. But, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of these Porsche products.

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Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones | Image: Porsche Design

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Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones | Image: Porsche Design

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Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones | Image: Porsche Design

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Porsche Design PDH80 Headphones | Image: Porsche Design


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