Skullcandy Takes on Apple’s AirPods with $80 Indy Earbuds

Audio brand Skullcandy has launched the wireless Indy Earbuds which should appeal to anyone looking for a more affordable alternative to Apple’s popular AirPods. With a price tag of AUD$179.95 or around USD$80, these sleek earbuds could be the reason you finally cut the cord.

Skullcandy’s Indy Earbuds offer a Bluetooth range of ten metres and around 16 hours battery life with the charging case. Otherwise, the earbuds have about four hours of use with the charging case providing the additional 12 hours. Thankfully that charging case is pocked-sized.

skullcndy earbuds

Indy Earbuds are custom-tuned to deliver crisp highs and warm lows without distortion. There’s also a built-in microphone for taking calls. Touch the Skullcandy skull emblem on the side to change songs, adjust volume and answer calls.

Indy boasts an IP55 protection rating against water, sweat and dust, so you can feel confident moving between daily commutes and more active pursuits.

We haven’t had the opportunity to test the Indys so we can’t compare them to Apple’s Airpods in terms of sound. Although there’s a $70 difference in price between the two with AirPods starting at AUD$249. So if you’re happy to skip the Apple branding or are just looking to save a few bucks, the Indy Earbuds are looking more and more like a promising alternative.

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The Skullcandy Indy Earbuds are available now priced at AUD$179.95. Available colours include black, dark blue, mint and pink which appear to vary from store-to-store.

“Indy is for the consumer who is interested in making the leap to truly wireless,” said Jeff Hutchings, Chief Product Officer at Skullcandy.

“We’ve combined our wireless technology with a stylish shape and portability that gives our consumers a whole new level of freedom when it comes to experiencing their personal soundtrack.”

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