Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones

bose ae2w bluetooth headphones full view

Rumor has it that wired headphones sound better than their wireless counterparts, but I guess that most ordinary men in the street wouldn’t tell the difference especially when we talk about quality wireless headphones such as Bose AE2w. Touted as Bose’s first headphones with no cords, AE2w connect to your devices via Blueooth offering you with a comfortable around-ear fit. In fact, you can connect your headset to a pair of devices simultaneously, which allows you to quickly switch between media and calls. Bose AE2w feature a USB-charged lithium-ion battery which is good for up to 7 hours of playback or 200 hours of standby time. There’s a control module located on the left pad which comes with a multifunction button for controlling your devices remotely, as well as a volume controls and an on/off switch. A microphone for handsfree chats is also available. $249.95

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