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2019 LG UltraWide Monitor Does More with Less

Adding extra monitors to your workstation was a huge advance for cubicle workers. With multiple screens, you can get your work done more efficiently simply by not having to switch between screens. You can have all your information up at once. Going back to a single screen seems like a step back, unless that screen is LG’s new UltraWide Monitor.

LG UltraWide Monitor

The 2019 LG UltraWide Monitor has a 32:9 aspect ratio—that’s right, 32:9 instead of the typical 16:9. The screen is also curved, making it more ergonomic and naturally visible. The display measures 49 inches and has a pixel count of 5120 X 1440—basically the equivalent of two 27-inch screens. Each inch has 108 pixels to optimize image clarity. On the UltraWide Monitor, documents are going to be easier to read and videos or image files will be easier to edit.

lg monitor

Even though it’s just one screen, the UltraWide Monitor can mimic a multi-screen setup thanks to its Picture-by-Picture mode. In this mode, you can view multiple sources of content at the same time. The monitor also has Dual Controller Software, which allows you to connect to several devices and control them all with a single keyboard and mouse. The monitor uses USB Type-C ports for data transfer and to charge devices, including laptops.

With this monitor, you’ll be able to do more work with fewer screens.

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