BladeX Goes Razor Thin and Lighweight for Portable Monitor

If you’ve ever worked with a second monitor, then you know just how much more effective you can be, and how much simpler that second monitor makes things. The ability to work with multiple documents simultaneously is a huge boon. But what happens when you’re away from your workstation? Sure, you may have a laptop or tablet, but you’re restricted to the one screen—and often a much smaller one at that.

The new BladeX Portable Monitor allows you to stay effective wherever you go.

Portable Monitor

The BladeX monitor is perfect for travel thanks to its diminutive size. Weighing under two pounds, it’s easy to carry and pack. It’s also only 4.5 mm thick. And it’s large enough to do the work you need to do, measuring 15.6 inches. It has a 3000mAh*2 battery, which uses Type-C charging and has a three-hour life between charges.

It’s also flexible in how you set things up. The base consists of the battery, PCB, and ports, and can be used to position the screen in either a landscape or a portrait orientation.

BladeX Monitor

The rear of the base houses stereo speakers, or use the 3.5mm jack for your headphones. With the USB-C and HDMI ports, you can use the BladeX monitor as an extension monitor for your laptop. Or plug in your gaming console—PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox—and you have a portable gaming station. You can even use it as an extension of your smartphone thanks to BladeX’s touchscreen capability.

Working with two screens is by far the more effective way to get things done, and now, with the BladeX Portable Monitor, you’ll be able to keep that effective practice working in your favour by having another screen with you wherever you go.

And with its ability to be used with gaming, you’ll be able to keep progressing in your favourite game even while you’re not at home.

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