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HIBI Design’s Knocks it Out of the Park for First Keyboard ‘HIBIKI’

If you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you’ve fallen down the mechanical keyboard wormhole. If you haven’t, allow us to peel back the curtain for a second and introduce you to HIBI Designs, an Australian keyboard brand and community that’s just released its first board with a perfect 65% layout, Kailh hot-swap sockets, and custom wilba.tech PCB. Don’t understand? Don’t worry, we’ve linked a soundbite below to get your keyboard senses tingling. This keyboard sounds SO good.

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Hibi key hibiki snow boy in lifestyle 2

Image: HIBI Designs

HIBI Designs ‘HIBIKI’ Keyboard Specifications
Layout 65%
Typing angle 6-degree typing angle.
Mount Isolation mount using 1.6mm PORON foam pads with a leaf spring plate.
  • wilba.tech WT65-H3-HIBI
  • Supports full and split backspace, 7U and 6.25U spacebar
  • Over-current and ESD protection
  • Kailh hot-swap sockets rated at 5,000 cycles
  • QMK and VIA support.
Top Machined, bead blasted and then either anodised/e-coated.
Base Thick injection-moulded Polycarbonate, post-machined to remove markings and finished with additional polishing.
Optional Additional solderable PCB to support ISO, 6.25U+5 mods, stepped capslock

We think of mechanical keyboards like a nice watch. The first thing that matters is the way it looks, the second is how it functions, and the third is how it makes you feel when you wear it. Just like watches, there’s a strong community around keyboards, you have to do your research, and they’re far from ‘cheap’. It’s the type (mind the pun) of hobby for those looking to perfect their WFH setup as much as they’re hobbyists who are looking for something new.

HIBIKI is all about curves, with business at the top and party at the bottom. We love everything from the broad bezel and rounded edges of the machined aluminium top, to the thickness of the bottom piece. Technically, it’s equally as impressive with variable internal thickness ranging from 3mm to 11.5mm, ensuring a sleek profile and unobscured view of the clean lines of the wilba.tech PCB.

The polycarbonate bottom also gives HIBIKI its unique sound, as the resonant properties of the material give it a lower-pitched tone compared to aluminium or brass. And speaking of sound, here’s how it clacks.


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Other technical features surround the wilba.tech WT65-H3-HIBI PCB, with over-current and ESD protection, Kailh hot-swap sockets rated at 5000 cycles and VIA and QMK support.

The HIBI Designs ‘HIBIKI’ Keyboard is available in four colours, VERY HIBI, SNOW BOY, OFFICE BEIGE and rich CHOC. Preorders are now open via the link below, priced at $365 (sold without switches, stabilisers, keycaps or USB cables). Check it out via the link below.

Check it out

Hibi key hibiki snow boy

Image: SNOW BOY | HIBI Designs

Hibi key hibiki very hibi

Image: VERY HIBI | HIBI Designs

Hibi key hibiki choc

Image: CHOC | HIBI Designs

Hibi key hibiki office

Image: OFFICE BIEGE | HIBI Designs

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