Lenovo Smart Tab Combines a Tablet and a Smart Display

Under the “Why Haven’t We Thought of This Before” file you’ll find the Lenovo Smart Tab. The smart tab combines the best of tablets and smart displays—among a few other awesome features.

Lenovo Smart Tab

The Lenovo Smart Tab is a 10-inch Android tablet that uses Google’s mobile operating system. But, dock it, and it becomes a smart display (think Amazon Echo Show) that you can use with Alexa. The dock has two 3-watt speakers, so you’ll be able to hear the movie that you just asked Alexa to play. It also has three far-field microphones so that Alexa can pick up on your voice commands.

Lenovo Smart Tab in table

And if you want a little privacy, you can use the mute button to keep Alexa from listening in. The smart display functionality lets you control compatible smart home devices, and you’ll be able to interact with anything you see on the screen via voice or touch.

When not docked, the Smart Tab functions as an Android tablet, with apps, mobile games, and other services (like email) that you can download.

The Smart Tab does lag a bit in terms of the computing power of a full tablet, but it has more than enough to get things done.

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Lenovo Smart Tab kids movie