Samsung’s 4K UHD Space Saving Monitor Frees up Room on Your Desk

Space is a dwindling commodity, so being able to reclaim any extra space is an ability that would be in high demand. Samsung’s new SR75 4K UHD Space Monitor unveiled at CES uses a thin, sleek design to give back some space, all without losing any functionality. The monitor features a special locking clamp as well as an arm stand that disappears into the back of the monitor when it’s not in use. The clamp grabs onto the edge of your desk rather than sitting on top of it, taking up precious real estate on your desktop. When not in use, you can push the monitor back and it will sit flat against the wall, freeing up desk space for other work. The Space Monitor also makes use of a cable management system that integrates the HDMI cords and power cable into the arm.

samsung's 4k uhd space monitor on the wall

The Space Monitor comes in two models—a 27-inch QHD (2560×1440) that retails for around $399; and a 32-inch UHD (4K) model (3840×2160) retailing for $499.

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samsung's 4k uhd monitor display

samsung's 4k uhd monitor on the table

samsung's 4k uhd monitor side view

samsung's 4k uhd monitor back side