Samsung’s New T5 SSD is a Practical Portable Storage Solution

Samsung’s newest line in portable storage went on sale today, and it’s instantly likeable. The T5 SSD (solid-state drive if you were unaware) is the newest addition to their external storage stable, and offered in three sizes (250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB). Ranging in price from A $199 for the 250GB to A $1249 for 2TB, this is the future of portable storage.

With super-fast transfer speeds, HD video, albums, playlists – you name it – can be transferred effortlessly between devices in a matter of seconds. While the most advanced of portable hard drives will transfer files at 100MB per second, these bad boys can reach speeds of up to 540MB per second, a massive increase in secure data transfer abilities.

samsung t5 ssd practical connected on phone

Security is covered with ease too – the drive can be password protected with AES 256-bit security software built in. You can even connect the thing to your smartphone and watch movies straight from the original file – as it’s a solid state, it requires very little power and won’t kill your phone’s battery.

Connected via USB-C, Samsung have included a USB-C to USB and a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, so you can get it up and running right away no matter what device you’re using. The compact size and lightweight feel make it easy to carry in your pocket, and given that it’s an SSD and not an HD, it can cop bar more of a flogging (accidental drops etc aren’t nearly as stressful).

check it out

samsung practical ssd t5 and cable

man using phone with connected samsung ssd t5

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