Start and End Your Day with Lenovo Smart Display

At CES 2018, Lenovo unveiled a vibrant, full HD Smart Display touchscreen with built-in Google Assistant designed for busy professionals or as an easy-to-use solution for clueless family members who know nothing about technology.

Use Smart Display in the morning to check weather and traffic before planning your schedule for the day. In the evening, relax with your favourite tunes, spend some quality time on YouTube or just video chat with your mates via Google Duo – all controlled by your voice and a quick glance.

lenovo full hd smart display check weather view

If you’re super busy or just in a hurry, Google Assistant can read out your schedule and updates. Ask your digital assistant to bring up Google Maps to detail the fastest commute or just remind you of a colleagues birthday that you most definitely would have forgotten until it was too late – All thanks to Lenovo’s 8 or 10-inch Smart Display.

Powered by the new Qualcomm Home Hub Platform with a 10-watt full-range speaker as well as robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Smart Display is the perfect tech for the Dad who can’t turn on a laptop to save his life or doesn’t know how to use any of the features on his expensive smartphone.

lenovo full hd smart display back

Lenovo Smart Display’s clean, minimalist design blends with a home’s aesthetic and adds a modern touch. It’s available in a soft Grey or natural Bamboo colourway and matches most wooden, glass or granite tabletops. When not in use, the display doubles as a digital picture frame – showcasing an ambient screen of pictures from a personally selected album in Google Photos.

There’s currently no word on pricing or release date, so stay tuned for more info and stacks more Lenovo at CES 2018.

Check it out

lenovo full hd smart display side view

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