The Weird and Wonderful Tech of Computex 2019

Computex is the largest computer trade show in the world. Each year, tens of thousands of investors, innovators and curious tech-heads flock to Taipei to see the latest hardware announcements and accessories from some of the industry’s biggest names. We’re talking Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Microsoft and more.

Man of Many attended Computex 2019 to check out the new range of hardware from ASUS, who is celebrating 30 years. ASUS revealed some impressive tech including the ZenBook Pro Duo, a dual-screen laptop designed for multitasking. Two portable monitors were announced, one for work and one for gaming, and a pearl white leather 30th-anniversary laptop with gold trim. Computex was also our first hands-on with the latest ROG gaming laptops first unveiled around a month ago.

For the most part, Computex 2019 was tame. Gaming PCs, headsets and gaming chairs from wall-to-wall. Almost every item decked out in RGB lighting. Still, we searched long and hard and over the two days found some interesting tech.

We also stumbled across a smart diaper – one for babies and one for adults. It sends notifications when the wearer needs changing. What an age we live in! Moving on, here are our favourite finds of Computex 2019.

jarvish smart motorcycle helmet

Jarvish Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Named after Tony Stark’s virtual assistant, although spelled differently, Jarvish is described as the smartest motorcycle helmet ever made. Using augmented reality, the visor features a heads up display revealing all the info a rider would need, so their eyes never leave the road.

We’re talking the bike’s speed, current time, weather conditions and GPS data conveniently placed in the field of view. Built-in 360 degree cameras monitor conditions while voice controls can be used to make and receive calls, listen to music and more. Jarvish is compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google.

We didn’t get to try out a Jarvish helmet. All of this info was pulled off a flyer at the Jarvish booth. The world’s smartest motorcycle helmet is expected to launch July 2019, so you can wait until then or pre-order one now and save around 30%.

custom game of thrones computer

Custom Game of Thrones ASUS ROG Strix PC

Why keep your PC housed in a subtle black box when it can resemble the most sought-after seat in the seven kingdoms? Within this Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica is one of ASUS’s PC gaming rigs, complete with RGB lighting.

Custom PCs are apparently all the rage with hundreds on display at Computex 2019. We saw ones shaped like trucks, army tanks, scorpions and more than one shaped after key items from the popular battle royale Apex Legends.

This custom PC comes from Korean modder YJ Mod. We’re still having a hard time deciding whether this was our favourite PC mod or if it is the one featured directly below.

Heineken beer tap computer

Functional Heineken Beer Tap PC

You better believe this PC is a fully functional beer tap. It’s highly unlikely that Heineken approved the branding but who cares. This is one of those situations where the ends ultimately justify the means. We didn’t catch what PC hardware was inside but did find it’s a custom job from ElmorLabs. The six side fans are backed by customisable RGB lighting, and you can watch the beer flow through the tubes. The keg was hidden behind without refrigeration, which was a shame. Although beers were handed out for free.

asus zenbo junior robot

ASUS Zenbo Junior

This friendly robot is Zenbo Junior, an educational tool used for visual programming, software development and artificial intelligence. Functions include dialogue, physical actions and facial expressions.

Zenbo Junior is a suitable platform for everyone from elementary school student’s right through to university level. Powered by Android, the robot has 2GB memory, 16GB of data storage, WiFi, and can be programmed in both Chinese and English.

If you’re wondering what happened to Zenbo Senior, he’s currently employed across the Taiwanese medical profession assisting with health-related tasks and also providing first-line customer service in hotels, banks, retail stores and restaurants.

acer predator thronos gaming chair

Acer Predator Thronos All-In-One Gaming Chair

Why buy a PC, monitors and gaming chair separately when you can get all-in-one. This monstrous rig is Acer’s Predator Thronos, and it can be yours for around $10,000 USD.

Three curved Predator displays dish out fast fluid frames filling the peripheral. The control pad handles the chair’s movements, which include a zero-G 140-degree reclining position. Bass-driven vibrations through the seatback provide haptic feedback from gameplay.

The black metal Thronos design features shaped cut-outs for RGB lighting to bleed through. You better believe the light show is fully customisable. It’s an impressive setup. Shame it costs as much as a small car, but history reveals that others have paid much steeper prices for their thrones.  ImageOverclockers

tivoo pixel art bluetooth speaker

Tivoo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speakers

Tivoo is the 4th generation pixel art speaker from Hong Kong-based company Divoom. Each speaker resembles a retro TV and features a 16×16 full RGB LED panel that can be programmed via smartphone. Users can design their own pixel art displays or create custom light shows to move with the music.

Beyond the art show, Tivoo offers alarms with the ability to record tones and 24 sleep profiles with alpha wave tracks and melatonin-inducing lightning. The tiny speaker also displays notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

azio retro wooden keyboard

Azio Retro Classic Keyboards

Modern tech meets retro design in Azio keyboards. In particular, the Retro Compact is a mechanical keyboard that can easily become the centrepiece of any desk. Using premium materials like genuine leather, brushed metal and walnut wood veneer, these keyboards will leave you wondering why you ever settled for plastic.

Each keyboard is wireless connecting via Bluetooth with a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery charged via USB Type-C. The keys are backlit, and interchangeable feet stand at various heights. Each design is paired with an optional palm rest. We haven’t tested how comfortable Azio keyboards and palm rests remain after hours of use, but they sure look nice. Azio also stocks matching mice and mouse pads to complete the setup.

Man of Many travelled to Computex 2019 as a guest of ASUS.