Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen is Bigger than Life

An audience’s desire for total immersion is what lead to Imax cinema. That same desire has pushed Samsung to deliver the Onyx Cinema LED Screen. The screen measures 14 meters wide and is 3D ready. Best of all, one of these screens has already been installed in Capital Cinema, located in the Xicheng district of Beijing.

samsung led screen cinema

The screen features Samsung’s Onyx capabilities, meaning it can produce true blacks for brighter, more vivid colours. The screen combines 4K resolution with HDR picture quality, as well as a peak brightness level of 88fl (six times greater than that of standard projectors).

Girl with colour hair colour explosion

This isn’t the first Onyx screen to be released. The original was only 10 meters wide. Samsung opted for the 1.4 times jump in width to increase the surface area by nearly double. “The new, wider version of the Samsung Onyx is a direct response to cinema industry demand,” explains Nick Conti, Business Development Senior Manager for Cinema at Samsung. “This new size allows us to expand our portfolio and offer more variety to theatre owners.”

CGI Samsung Onyx Theatre drawing

Onyx also comes with a surround sound system put together and supported by HARMAN Professional. The JBL Sculpted Surround sound creates a larger sweet spot, allowing more of the audience to fully experience the audio half of movie-going.

With one of these systems already being installed, hopefully, it won’t be long before more theatres follow suit.

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