Charging is Made Convenient with the Tesla Wireless Portable Charger

The Tesla Wireless Portable Charger makes charging your electronic devices even more convenient by adding wireless to mobility. The Tesla charger uses inductive charging to charge your Qi-enabled phone without the use of any cables. Just set your phone on the charger and you’re done. What if your phone isn’t Qi-enabled? No worries, you can still use the charger’s USB-A output port or the integrated USB-C cable. The charger provides up to 21 hours of additional talk time or 18 hours of Internet. The battery charges using the built in USB-A cable and can charge from any USB port.

tesla wireless portable charger different colors

The charger’s Lithium-ion polymer 6000mAh battery is the same type of battery as those found in Tesla’s vehicles. The Tesla Wireless Portable Charger comes in a sleek, black case that uses “the same design language” as other Tesla products, and like other Tesla products, it has a high-gloss to it, and looks both sharp and professional. The charger retails for USD$65 in the lower 48 states, but is unfortunately not available in Hawaii or Alaska do to freight restrictions.

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