Covert Military Grade Tactical Apple iPhone X Case isn’t Spy Tech

If you’re even slightly clumsy, you’ll want Dango’s Covert Military Grade Tactical Apple iPhone X case to keep your phone safe But even if you’re the most careful—and coordinated—person out there, this case is an option you’ll want to strongly consider. With words like “covert” and “military grade” in its title, you would be perfectly within your rights to expect a lot from this case. Those expectations won’t be disappointed.

dango iphone x case contour grip

First, the case features a contour grip that makes for a nice fit in your hand. You might even be able to call it ergonomic. The addition of a cobra weave 95 paracord lanyard adds to the functionality of the case. The case has two loop holes, at the top and bottom, to allow for the lanyard to be used as either a strap to secure your grip, or as a lanyard.

dango iphone x case thermoplastic polyurethane

Second, the case is made from TPU. TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is a type of plastic that has a lot of properties like elasticity and flexibility, as well as resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. You can probably see where those properties might be handy when it comes to protecting your phone. Add in shock resistance and this case will keep your phone safe.

dango iphone x case mouth speaker charging port

So whether you’re clumsy or not, Dango’s Covert Military Grade Tactical iPhone X case will keep your phone safe. And considering how much you invest into that phone, and what you have stored in it, you want that kind of safety.


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dango iphone x case back side and side

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