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The $350 Light Phone 2 is the Digital Detox You Need

Whether you’re looking for an affordable backup phone or an easy way to disconnect from social media, Light Phone 2 channels simpler times – long before Snake and midi ringtones were popular.

Light Phone 2 is incredibly slim just like an iPhone but purposefully lacks all the bells of whistles of a contemporary smartphone. You won’t find any social networking apps, GIFs, ads, email, internet browsing, or anything else that could pull you from the real world.

Phone calls, a contact list, text messaging, alarms and the ability to set up a wireless hotspot cover all of the phone’s functions. The purpose of this minimal device is to keep you connected while avoiding distractions and potential social media addiction.

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Light Phone 2 runs a clean custom OS with a high-res E-Ink touchscreen that’s only visible when you’re using the phone. The phone comes unlocked from every network and supports most who run 4G LTE. The phone is charged via a micro-USB cable with 1 to 3 days of battery life.

Best of all, the phone comes in the only colour you could ever need – matte black. Give social media a break and keep the email within a 9 to 5 timeslot by disconnecting and going with the Light Phone 2 available for $350.

Take advantage of free shipping by checking out the unique phone via the link below.

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General FAQ

How much does the light Phone 2 cost?

The Light Phone 2 costs $299, not including sim card.

Why do a digital detox?

A digital detox can help you avoid distractions and potential social media addiction. The Light Phone 2 is a great phone to use in a digital detox as it only provides phone calls, text messaging, alarms, and the ability to set up a hotspot.