Tesla’s Powerbank Probably Won’t Be Charging Your Phone Anytime Soon

The Tesla Powerbank looks to be a great product, if only you could get your hands on it. Only barely released in conjunction with Tesla’s new roadster and semi-truck, the Powerbank didn’t receive much fanfare. Reasonably priced at US $45, the Powerbank is already listed as out of stock. Still, should more be made available, the charger is worth a look.

tesla powerbank charging box

The look of the Powerbank was inspired by Tesla’s supercharger monument, and considering the idea is to charge your electronic devices, the look makes sense. The Powerbank features integrated USB and Apple lightning charging connections as well as a detachable micro USB connection (though future editions really should have a USB-C attachment). The charge status lets you know how much is left in the Powerbank. The single cell battery has a 3,350mAh capacity with a 5v/1.5A max output and is the same type of cell found in Tesla’s Model S and X electric vehicles.

tesla powerbank design

The Powerbank is compact, measuring only 108 x 30.5 x 23.3 mm.

Of course, none of this matters until Tesla’s new Gigafactory produces another batch, but when they do, you may want to get a hold of one of these chargers. Until then, you’ll have to keep plugging your phone into the wall like the rest of us.

Check it out

tesla powerbank design supercharger

tesla powerbank design full box

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