Teslasuit is Making VR More Virtual and More Real

We’re rapidly approaching the world where Virtual Reality is so realistic that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the virtual and the real. The Teslasuit is a step in that direction.

The suit enhances VR/AR/MR experiences and can be used for arcades, entertainment and theme parks, content and game development, science and technology, and enterprise or corporate projects.

Teslasuit use by man and woman

The suit has four major functions. First, it transmits haptic sensations—the stimulation of your sense of touch and motion to reproduce the sensation of interacting with physical objects.

The suit also comes equipped with motion capture and avatar systems, which means it is capable of full-body motion tracking. The suit comes with software and plugins for Unity, Unreal, and Motion Builder.

Teslasuit on man front and back blue light

Not only does the suit provide haptic sensation, it also mimics the digital environment, giving the wearer the sensation of temperature change from hot to cold. Finally, the suit also has a biometric system that tracks a whole range of body metrics.

man in teslasuit from back

Coupled with machine learning, the biometrics can provide important data to open up new possibilities.

The suit has a number of different applications. Of course you can use it for virtual and enhanced reality, but it can also be used to help employees learn new skills.

Man in teslasuit front view

The fitness industry can use it to study physical training, and thus increase its effectiveness and safety. There are many possibilities, not the least of which is its entertainment potential.

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