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$343,000 C SEED N1 Outdoor TV is the Ultimate Entertainment Sculpture Piece

From casual backyard watching to an outdoor theatre extravaganza, C SEED’s game-changing new N1 Outdoor TV is here to redefine the way you enjoy your favourite content. The Austrian company is renowned for its state-of-the-art electronics, and now it’s revealed a new outdoor TV, dubbed N1 Outdoor TV, describing it as a “perfect marriage of the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship and luxurious minimalistic aesthetic.”

The remarkable feature that sets C SEED’s new N1 Outdoor TV apart is its breathtaking “unfolding open-air sculpture” design. With just a press of a button, the N1 goes from being a stunning piece of art into a humongous TV, effortlessly rising to a height of three meters in just 60 seconds. What follows is a stunning spectacle as five MicroLED panels gracefully unfold and interlock in the next 25 seconds, harmoniously combining to form an awe-inspiring vibrant display that spans a monumental size of either 165 or 137 inches. Special attention has also been given to the TV’s stand which is ingeniously designed to convey “the impression of a one-piece sculptural element that reflects contemporary architectural sensibilities.”

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C seed n1 outdoor tv unfolded
Image: C-SEED

The N1 Outdoor TV revolutionises the concept of the ultimate viewing experience. With its “best-in-class pixel power,” this TV features a display equipped with MicroLED technology and HDR support, delivering ultra-high-resolution pictures that look stunning even in broad daytime, “including direct sunlight.” The TV’s incredible flexibility lets you rotate the screen up to 180 degrees left or 90 degrees left and right, offering the perfect viewing angle from any location, whether it’s the lounge area, swimming pool, or jacuzzi.

The N1 TV packs in some pretty impressive specifications, boasting 16-bit colour processing, a brightness of 4,000 nits, a refresh rate of 3,840 Hz, a contrast ratio of 7,000:1, and a pixel resolution of either 1.9 or 1.6. Moreover, its IP65 rating ensures durability, allowing you to enjoy your favourite shows regardless of the weather conditions. C SEED states that the N1 Outdoor TV is specifically designed to withstand the elements: “You can leave it outside all year round without getting damaged by rain, seawater, or snow. Reliable wind and temperature sensors prevent adverse outdoor conditions from damaging the TV.”

C seed n1 outdoor tv folding
Image: C-SEED

The N1 Outdoor TV ensures an exceptional audio experience as well. It comes equipped with two powerful 100-watt broadband coaxial speakers and a built-in subwoofer in the column, accompanied by twin coaxial speakers in each wing. From 5.1 up to 9.2 surround sound, the N1 Outdoor TV creates a captivating soundstage that transforms your outdoor space into a world-class theatre. Additionally, the soundbar is seamlessly integrated into the frame design, providing a cohesive and organic audiovisual experience.

In terms of connectivity, you get five HDMI ports, one HDCP 2.2 support, two USB ports and an HD Video-Controller.

C seed reveal n1 outdoor tv
Image: C-SEED

If you’re ready to bring the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience to your home, the C SEED N1 TV is now available for order in a titanium matt metallic colour, starting at a whopping USD $233,000 (AUD $343,116). Delivery of the N1 Outdoor TV is slated to begin sometime in the first quarter of 2024.

C seed unfolding n1 outdoor tv
Image: C-SEED
C seed n1 outdoor tv feature
Image: C-SEED

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