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LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV

LG’s M4 OLED evo is the ‘First Ever’ TV to Deliver 4K 144hz Without Wires

The next major innovation in TV, beyond making them transparent, seems to be making them truly wireless, and LG’s recently revealed OLED Evo M4 could well be the next step in that process. Slated for a global rollout starting July 1, the M4 is an evolution of the company’s previous wireless effort and ups the ante in a major way.

Key Features

  • Brand: LG
  • Model: OLED Evo M4
  • Sizes: 65’’, 77’’, 83’’ and 97’’,
  • Release Date: From July 1, globally

To start with, the M4 comes in four sizes, 65’’, 77’’, 83’’ and 97’’, the largest of which will deliver a 120hz refresh rate, whereas the smaller models will be bumped to 144hz – great news for couch gamers looking to improve their setup.

The entire range will be using 4K OLED panels, which, for our money, is more than enough for almost every use case. The 4K displays will deliver incredibly detailed image quality, while OLED panels feature a deeper and more vibrant colour gamut than traditional LED displays. They’re more expensive, sure, but if you’re spending thousands of dollars on a TV, it’s probably worth having the best possible picture you can get.

The M4 model, as well as LG’s more traditionally wired alternative G4 panels, are equipped with the company’s new Alpha 11 AI processor. LG claims this upgrade will deliver “4-fold higher AI performance”, a 70 per cent improvement in graphic performance, and 30 per cent faster processing speeds compared to its prior chip.

LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV
LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV’s Zero Connect Box | Image: LG

Why Does the LG OLED evo M4 Stand Out?

The big feature, though, is the M series’ Zero Connect Box: a separately powered device that users can plug their inputs into, and which will wirelessly transfer the AV signal to the panel. What that means is that the TV can be wire-and-clutter-free, taking pride of place in a living room, while the Zero Connect Box can sit somewhere off to the side (though still within line-of-sight with the TV) with game consoles, set-top boxes, and speaker setups.

The goal, according to LG, is to help users better curate entertainment spaces: allowing people to move their TVs or Zero Connect Box in different configurations, while keeping the functionality intact.

According to LG, the Zero Connect Box transmits this data over a dedicated 60GHz connection – which shouldn’t interfere with the more commonly used 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths used in most other wireless devices.

This box and its wireless functionality were also present in last year’s LG M3 range, however, though that panel is limited to 120hz, so the models with a 144hz refresh rate will be a welcome improvement for those of us who like to sneak in some gaming between Netflix binges. In fact, LG is touting this new model as “the first-ever TV with the ability to display wirelessly transmitted video and audio at 4K 144Hz”.

We’ve asked LG if the box has gotten any other upgrades, and we’ll update this story once we find out.

LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV
LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV | Image: LG

Availability and Pricing

Details are still pretty scarce when it comes to how much these things will set you back, and when you can get your hands on one. LG confirmed the global rollout of these TVs kicked off on July 1, and said a local release date would be announced closer to launch.

The price, however, is harder to pin down. The M4 isn’t yet being sold anywhere outside of Europe just yet, but we can look at the prices there and provide some approximate conversions.

  • LG M4 65’’: EUR5,000 / AUD$8,000
  • LG M4 77’’: EUR7,300 / AUD$11,800
  • LG M4 83’’: EUR9,700 / AUD$15,600
  • LG M4 97’’: EUR34,700 / AUD$56,000

Ouch. These conversions aren’t the M4’s official prices, of course, so take them with a grain of salt until we get some confirmation, but compare that to LG’s wired G4 offering, which has an RRP of AUD$5,295 for 65’’, AUD$6,795 for 77’’, and AUD$9,995 for 83’’ (at JB Hi-Fi, at least), and you can start to see the price of the wireless technology included in the M4.

To peek at the competition a little, Samsung’s 2024 S90D OLED 4K lineup – which, again, is missing the wireless component – has an RRP between AUD$4,295 for 65’’ and AUD$7,995 for 83’’.

LG OLED evo M4 Specs

  • Display Type: 4K OLED
  • Display Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz Native
  • Wide Colour Gamut: OLED Colour
  • Operating System (OS): webOS 24
  • HDMI Input: 3 (4k 120hz, VRR)
  • Bluetooth: 5.1
  • Ethernet: 1 port
  • USB: 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6
  • RF Input: 3 ports
  • Picture Processor: a11 AI Processor 4K
  • AI Upscaling: a11 AI Super Upscaling 4K
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): Dolby Vision / HDR10 / HLG
  • Filmmaker Mode: Yes
  • HFR (High Frame Rate): 4K 120 fps (HDMI, RF, USB)
  • Motion: OLED Motion

And then some extra specs for the gamers out there:

  • FreeSync Compatible (AMD): Yes
  • G-Sync Compatible (Nvidia): Yes
  • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate): Yes (Up to 144hz)
  • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode): Yes
  • HGIG (HDR Gaming Interest Group): Yes
LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV
LG OLED evo M4 Wireless TV | Image: LG