Meet Samsung’s “Zero-Bezel” Q950 TV

If you thought Samsung TVs couldn’t possibly get any smarter or sleeker, you thought wrong. Enter the new QLED 8K lineup and its shining star: the Q950. With its screen-to-body ratio of 99%, this revolutionary device all but eliminates the bezel, enabling an “Infinity Screen” effect when you watch from 10 to 15 feet away. As the TV becomes one with its surroundings, you’ll experience unprecedented levels of viewing immersion…just as Samsung intended when it whipped this thing out at CES 2020.

Samsung’s Zero-Bezel Q950 TV side

Hosting a completely flat back panel and 15mm thin display, the Q950 can be mounted on the wall or perched atop a media stand. Either way, it will look absolutely stunning in any modern decor and that’s before you even turn it on. Once up and running, it pulls an endless amount of features from its proverbial bag of tricks. That includes Adaptive Picture for consistent clarity and AI ScaleNet for seamless streaming, to name a few.

Samsung Q950 TV

Thanks to its Quantum Processor 8K and AI technology, the Samsung Q950 converts any type of content source into a brilliant 8K picture. Speaking of AI, Bixby is back and better than ever. The TV also delivers premium audio by way of features like Object Tracking Sound+, which delivers perfect synchronicity between sound and movement. Meanwhile, an Active Voice Amplifier responds to external variables like the sound of a vacuum cleaner by automatically adjusting the volume.

Samsung’s Zero-Bezel Q950 TV

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface in terms of what this truly sleek TV has in store. Impeccably thin, indisputably smart, and conspicuously user-friendly, the Samsung Q950 will downright spoil you. But you probably knew that as soon as you saw the words “zero bezel.”

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