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2024 Bravia 9 Mini LED TV is Sony’s ‘Brightest 4K’ TV Ever

The revival of the Sony Bravia range in 2023 set an impressively high bar with its picture quality, features, and winning formula of performance and value. So, how do you top or improve upon such a success? The answer lies in Sony’s 2024 Bravia TV lineup, which ushers in the Mini-LED era and adopts a new and streamlined naming system, with every new model now simply called “Bravia” followed by a single digit to denote its position in the lineup.

Sony‘s message for this new range is to “bring the cinema home,” with the company taking advantage of its expertise and deep integration within the film industry to build TVs that deliver “impressive picture and sound at home as the filmmakers intended.” As Yoshihiro Ono, Sony’s Head of Home Entertainment business unit puts it, “Sony has been operating at the heart of the film industry for decades and has unique positioning with their experience in film creation, professional production equipment, and distribution. We want to bring that expertise to consumers’ homes by integrating it into our new Bravia TVs and Bravia Theatre home audio devices.” 

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Sony’s 2024 Bravia TV Lineup At a Glance

Similar to the 2023 Bravia lineup, this year’s range features four new models. The flagship for this year is the Sony Bravia 9, a mini-LED TV boasting 325 per cent more dimming zones than last year’s top-end Sony X95L for improved contrast. Following it is the Bravia 8 OLED, the successor to the A80L, with a 10 per cent increase in brightness. Next is the Sony Bravia 7, another mini-LED TV offering a staggering 790 per cent more dimming zones compared to the X90L. Rounding out the lineup is the Bravia 3, the entry-level option, featuring a direct-lit LED panel.

The company says it’s using a similar technology for controlling thousands of LEDs as found inside its professional high-end mastering monitors. The core innovation lies in the XR Backlight Master Drive system, which meticulously manages thousands of LEDs thanks to Sony’s custom-built silicon designed specifically for the Mini LED technology.

Sony’s 2024 Bravia TV range goes like this.

All four new Bravia TVs feature a four-way stand (other than the Bravia 3 which features a single-position stand). No matter which model you pick, you can add a “Narrow Soundbar” and enjoy both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound support (even on the entry-level Bravia 3). Plus, a new Prime Video calibration mode automatically adjusts and applies the best picture settings for whatever you’re watching on Prime Video, including TV shows, movies, or even sports. Beyond the shared characteristics, each model within the 2024 Bravia TV range comes with various new features and distinct capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of what each Bravia TV offers.

The Bravia 9 is Sony's 2024 flagship TV with a crisper and brighter Mini LED display | Image: Sony
The Bravia 9 is Sony’s 2024 flagship TV with a crisper and brighter Mini LED display | Image: Sony

Sony Bravia 9

As mentioned earlier, the Bravia 9 is Sony’s 2024 flagship model, breaking tradition by adopting mini-LED technology over OLED for its premium 4K TV. Available in 65-, 75-, and 85-inch sizes, the Bravia 9 is also the company’s “brightest 4K TV ever” with thousands of mini-LEDs precisely controlled by XR Backlight Master Drive 1. This technology draws inspiration from Sony’s professional monitors used by filmmakers. Compared to its predecessor, the X95L mini-LED, the Bravia 9 delivers an approximately 325 per cent increase in dimming zones and a remarkable 50 per cent boost in brightness.

The new TV also showcases Sony’s latest mini-LED advancement: a new, incredibly small 22-bit mini-LED driver. This driver not only enables the increased brightness and dimming zones but, according to Sony, allows the Bravia 9 to achieve “OLED-level blacks” for superior contrast – a feature they call High Peak Luminance. The Bravia 9’s panel further elevates viewing experiences with X-Wide Angle technology for improved off-axis viewing and X-Anti Reflection to effectively reduce screen glare.

As for the audio, the Bravia 9 supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced for a truly immersive soundscape and features a 2.2.2 channel speaker system with Sony’s innovative Acoustic Multi-Audio+. This technology incorporates upward-firing beam tweeters, a world’s first, alongside side frame tweeters, thus resulting in a wider, more immersive cinematic surround sound experience. For crystal-clear dialogue, the TV has Voice Zoom 3 as well as Acoustic Center Sync, which turns the TV into a centre speaker when paired with a compatible Sony soundbar.

For gamers, the Sony Bravia 9 comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports, a 4K 120Hz refresh rate, variable refresh rate (VRR), auto low latency mode (ALLM), and Source-based Tone Mapping (SBTM). It also features a built-in ATSC 3.0 tuner for future over-the-air broadcasts and carries over the Game Menu, ‘Auto Tone Mapping,’ and other ‘Perfect for PS5’ features from last year’s models.

The Bravia 8 comes with an OLED panel with over 8 million self-lit pixels | Image: Sony
The Bravia 8 comes with an OLED panel with over 8 million self-lit pixels | Image: Sony

Sony Bravia 8

Offered in 55, 65 and 77-inch sizes, the Sony Bravia 8 is the company’s only OLED offering for this year and is basically the new-gen version of last year’s A80L. It now has a 31 per cent thinner profile and a 29 per cent slimmer bezel compared to the A80L, along with a 10 per cent increase in brightness, reaching a peak of somewhere around 900 nits. Just like the flagship Bravia 9 model, the Bravia 8 supports Prime Video Calibrated Mode, Voice Zoom 3 for enhanced dialogue clarity, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, IMAX Enhanced certification, and DTS:X.12 compatibility.

You also get the same two HDMI 2.1 ports found on the Bravia 9, along with gaming features like 4K 120Hz refresh rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and the new Source-based Tone Mapping (SBTM). Additionally, the Bravia 8 features Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which creates the illusion of sound emanating directly from the panel for a more immersive experience.

The Bravia 7 is Sony's second Mini LED TV in 2024's lineup | Image: Sony
The Bravia 7 is Sony’s second Mini LED TV in 2024’s lineup | Image: Sony

Sony Bravia 7

The Sony Bravia 7 is the second mini-LED offering in Sony’s 2024 TV lineup, available in 55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch sizes. It succeeded last year’s Sony X90L and boasts a staggering 790 per cent increase in brightness. The TV features full-array local dimming controlled by Sony’s XR Backlight Master Drive and like the Bravia 8 and 9, it utilizes Sony’s powerful XR Processor paired with XR Clear Image upscaling for exceptional picture quality. There’s also XR Triluminos Pro that allows the TV to “display billions of accurate colours and enhance the range of hues and saturation to reveal extremely precise colour in every scene, just as the filmmaker intended.”

The Bravia 7 also inherits many features from the flagship model, including the four-way stand, Dolby Vision and Atmos/DTS:X support, Prime Video Calibrated mode, Voice Zoom 3, and most gaming features like 4K 120Hz, VRR, ALLM, and Game Menu. However, it lacks the High Peak Luminance feature and thus has fewer dimming zones.

The Bravia 3 is this year's entry-level option | Image: Sony
The Bravia 3 is this year’s entry-level option | Image: Sony

Sony Bravia 3

Sony’s Bravia 3 is the most basic and affordable TV in their 2024 lineup. It features a directly lit LED display and comes in sizes ranging from 43 to 85 inches. The TV supports Dolby Vision and Atmos for immersive audio and visual experiences and also includes studio-calibrated picture modes, including the new Prime Video mode. For gaming, the Bravia 3 has a standard 60Hz refresh rate and no VRR support, but it still gets the same Perfect for PS5 features, Game Menu and ALLM as the models above it.

Sony’s entire TV lineup still runs on Google TV and includes all the add-ons like the Eco Dashboard (which keeps all energy efficiency settings in one place) and Bravia Cam compatibility, among other features.

Sony 2024 bravia tv range
Image: Sony

Sony 2024 Bravia TV Lineup Australian Pricing and Release Date

If you’ve been eyeing the new Sony 2024 Bravia TVs, you might have some waiting to do. While the company has confirmed that the new Bravia lineup will be available in Australia, Sony has yet to announce official pricing or release dates for these new TVs in the region. We’ll update this as soon as Sony reveals the official Australian pricing and release dates for the new Bravia TVs.