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AYANEO NEXT Gaming Console to Challene Steam Deck

As portable PC gaming grows in popularity, so does the competition between device manufacturers. And Aya Neo may just have taken the lead, delivering the first significant strike of 2022 with the upcoming launch of its AYANEO NEXT handheld gaming console. Looking well-positioned to challenge Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck, the only catch is the steep price tag. Yet, upgrades in key areas could prove worth the extra shekels.

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Image: Aya Neo

Aya Neo turned heads with its first iteration in February 2021, but are already looking to update the performance of its gaming system. The two biggest areas of improvement come in the form of processing power and graphics. Aya Neo has enhanced its Windows-based handheld platform with AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800U APUs. Similarly, memory has been given a bump, with 32GB of LPDDR4x at 4,266MHz available. The company has also made significant moves to include a maximum of 1TB of storage to a 2TB SSD storage solution. Steam Decks, for comparison, are set to offer a maximum memory of 512 GB.

There will be three models of the AYANEO NEXT launching next month: the AYANEO NEXT Advance, AYANEO NEXT, and the AYANEO NEXT Pro. The range will feature varying amounts of memory and APUs depending on consumer preferences.

Other than core updates, the NEXT lineup is loaded with a bunch of functional features. Each model comes equipped with a seven-inch IPS display, speakers, vibration sensors and replaceable joystick caps. Two USB Type-C ports, Wi-Fi6E, and Bluetooth 5.2 keep the handheld devices up to date with modern connectivity. And as for battery life, Aya Neo claims their consoles can last between two to six hours, depending on the intensity of a game’s graphics.

While the AYANEO NEXT series seems to have an advantage over its competitors in key areas such as storage and functionality, the huge price gap is alarming and remains their biggest obstacle to overcome. Time will tell if their high-end approach ends up succeeding commercially.

The AYANEO NEXT Advance, estimated to launch in February 2022, will offer a special launch price of USD$1,345. The AYANEO NEXT will retail for USD$1,315 for 1TB of storage or USD$1,465 for 2TB. As for the higher-priced AYANEO NEXT Pro, it will set back consumers USD$1565.

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Image: Aya Neo

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