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Fear Maestros Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele Unite for Xbox’s New Horror Game ‘OD’

Forget what you thought you knew about collaborations because things just got mind-blowing. Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele have teamed up for a brand new video game called OD, an upcoming horror game that promises to be anything but ordinary. The big announcement came at this year’s The Game Awards, accompanied by a teaser trailer lasting over a minute. As one would expect from Kojima, the trailer is pretty cryptic and doesn’t give us much to go by.

What we do know is that ‘OD‘ will be a cloud-based project for Xbox Game Studio and mark the first collaboration between gaming maestro Kojima and Get Out‘s visionary director, Peele. The official description defines it as, “A Hideo Kojima game, OD explores the concept of testing your fear threshold, and what it means to OD on fear–while blurring the boundaries of gaming and film.”

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The game is also set to feature a stellar cast, with Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier highlighted in the latest trailer through close-ups that give off a creepy vibe. All three actors say the same line in different emotional states, with a Geiger counter ticking in the background. The line, “The hungry purple dinosaur ate the kind, zingy fox, the jabbering crab, and the mad whale and started vending and quacking,” is a phonetic pangram—a sentence covering all the phonetic sounds of the English language. The trailer wraps up with the tagline, “For all the players and screamers,” further adding to all the suspense.

While announcing the game, Kojima and Peele took the stage to talk a bit about the title and their new team-up. “(I’m) a huge fan of Hideo, this man is an icon,” Peele said. “I can say from the first moment I played Metal Gear Solid 2 I knew I was experiencing the work of an artist whose craft just hits different. He’s been an inspiration to me, and the opportunity to collaborate with him is just incredible…” He continued lauding Kojima’s vision, saying, “What he’s cooking up here is completely immersive (and) utterly terrifying… what this man is building here is unlike any other game, it’s crazy.”

OD kojima productions
Image: Kojima Productions

Talking at The Game Awards, Kojima spoke about his passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in the gaming world. “I really like challenging new things, groundbreaking things, that’s my kind of rule,” the game director said on stage via a translator.

“But this one, with the help of Xbox Game Studios and their cloud gaming technology, I am kinda doing this… it’s really to make immersive… something no one has done before. It is a game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a movie. A new form of media.” Kojima also hinted that Peele isn’t the only prominent creative on board for the project, hinting at more “legends” working alongside him on this game, a team he’s dubbed “The Avengers.”

OD currently has no release date.