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Designer Creates LEGO PlayStation 5 Replica

If the ongoing chip shortage put a damper on your Christmas cheer, the hurt may not yet be over. With allocations of Sony’s insanely popular PlayStation 5 still exhausted and only a limited number of available units springing up sporadically, the prospect of wrapping your hands around the new DualSense controller any time soon isn’t looking good. But far be it from us to outline a problem without also providing a solution, and indeed we have delivered…sort of.

Lego ps5 replica

Image: Rolling Bricks

Looking almost like the real deal, this LEGO PlayStation 5 replica might be your best chance of copping the next-gen console, outside of robbing your much-richer mate. Designed by Rolling Bricks to resemble a scaled-down iteration of the popular PS5 console, the LEGO recreation also comes complete with a controller, meaning you’re just a few pieces of hardware short of the real thing.

From a design perspective, the LEGO PS5 features a number of nods to the much-loved console. From the thumbsticks of DualSense controller to the cute little disc slot, all the elements you know and love are there. Once built, the console is presented with its own stand and can be orientated to either stand up or lay on its side.

“I tried to build a well-detailed PS5 with all of its accessories – the DualSense controller and the universal stand – in the possibly smallest scale,” the designer said. “The console can be positioned both horizontal and vertical.”

Lego ps5 replica 1

Image: Rolling Bricks

Eagled-eyed fans may recognise the LEGO Sony PlayStation 5 replica from the Ideas forum. Conceived by LEGO Master Builder Rolling Bricks, the design was submitted to the crowd-sourced initiative in the hopes of gaining enough appeal to join the official catalogue. In order for that to happen, the LEGO Ideas community needs give the design 10,000 votes, which considering the massive backlog of pre-orders for the real console, might not be that hard to achieve.

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