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An all-black PS5 concept | Image: Creative Bloq

Rumoured PS5 Pro Leak Reveals Behemoth Spec Sheet

It has only been a few months since Sony unveiled the PS5 Slim, but it appears the entertainment company is already working on a refreshed gaming console. Speculation surrounding the rumoured PS5 Pro ramped up this week after potential specs for the next-gen console surfaced online. If confirmed, the hardware capabilities would catapult Sony’s flagship console into a league of its own, rivalled only by the most powerful PCs.

You can even get a new vertical stand for your PlayStation 5 | Image: Sony
PS5 Slimline unveiled in October 2023 | Image: Sony

According to a post on ResetEra, the PS5 Pro will be powered by AMD Zen 2 CPU with a dynamic frequency that peaks at 4.4GHz. This will reportedly work in conjunction with XDNA2 NPU, the latest AI-focused AMD architecture, enabling gamers to take advantage of technology upgrades and continue Sony’s plans for “stable upscaled 4K output at higher than 30 FPS”. Additionally, the post suggested that the new PS5 Pro GPU will be a Radeon custom RDNA3 architecture with a target frequency at 2GHz and 14 -29 TFlops with 16GB DDR6 of memory at 576 GB/s bandwidth.

If true, the latest development would mark the third PS5 console to drop in a matter of months. In October, Sony officially unveiled the PS5 Slim, providing a smaller, more accessible entry point for first-time console buyers, however, it had no significant performance upgrades. In previous years, Sony has upped the specs with follow-up releases, including the PS4 Pro in November 2016, a fact that merely adds credibility to the recent speculation.

Ps5 pro leak | Image: Tom Henderson/X
Image: Tom Henderson/X

While the news may seem slightly out of the blue, rumours surrounding the PS5 Pro have been circulating for months. Back in July, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson reported that Sony was working on a new console codenamed ‘Trinity’ with a target release of November 2024. He also suggested that AMD’s codename for SoC was ‘Viola’, following Sony’s recent Shakespearean inspiration for under-wraps consoles.

As ResetEra pointed out, “Viola is the protagonist in the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night, and Trinity references the Holy Trinity Church (Stratford-upon-Avon) where Shakespeare was baptised, married, and buried”. Interestingly, the leak also suggests that Sony is aiming for a September 2024 reveal, a few months before its rumoured launch timeframe, with Henderson claiming full specs are likely to drop this month as the company has distributed developer kits to third-party studios.

That being said, it is important to note that nothing has been confirmed and Sony is yet to make an official comment on the rumours.