Get Creative with these Colouring Notebooks

Sometime last year, colouring books suddenly became a past time not just for kids. Not only is it a great way to distress, it makes being artsy a LOT easier. For those of us who love to get creative or loves colouring, the Colouring Notebook is the next step up. It features over 50 original colouring pages from some amazing graphic artist, ranging from whimsical drawings of animals, birds, nature and other strange creatures, as well as other wacky but awesome abstract illustrations and patterns. Each notebook are individually crafted and sewn using Japanese paper to create a hardcover with rounded corners, handmade headband detailing adorns on both the top and bottom of the spine, which creates a slight contrast. It’s also functional, allowing you to scribble down notes, free draw or create diagrams with blank, ruled or dot gridded paper, creating a 176 page book in a small A5 size.

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nice colouring notebook

leg design colouring notebook

urban design colouring notebook

button design colouring notebook