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Holy Moly, Gwyneth Paltrow Just Ranked Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck in the Bedroom

Gwyneth Paltrow has had quite the dating history, boasting a portfolio that most women could only dream of. She’s captured the heart of actors, singers, and even billionaire business heirs, making her little celebrity black book quite impressive. Among the notable names in her dating history are Hollywood heavyweights Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.

Recently, the 50-year-old actress opened up about her relationships with both men on the Call Her Daddy podcast. To our surprise, the interview delved into Paltrow’s sex life with both actors and even compared their performances under the sheets. Strap in because we are about to go full tabloid with this one.

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Pitt | Image: Getty Images

To provide some context for avid gossip enthusiasts, it’s worth noting that in 1994, Paltrow was romantically linked with her Seven co-star, Brad Pitt. The couple even became engaged at one point, before ultimately calling it quits in 1997. Following this, Paltrow began a relationship with Ben Affleck, which lasted for approximately three years. In 2003, she tied the knot with Chris Martin, the lead vocalist of Coldplay, and they later had a few children. However, the pair decided to go their separate ways in 2016.

Chatting on the Call Her Daddy podcast, host Alex Cooper asked Paltrow to compare Pitt and Affleck in a number of categories.

The Goop founder struggled to choose who was the better kisser, acknowledging they were both great. However, things got a little spicey when pressed on who was better at the horizontal tango. “That is really hard,” she said. “Because Brad was like the sort of major chemistry, love of your life, kind… and then Ben was, like, technically excellent.” While that may seem like a diplomatic answer, Paltrow later disclosed who she really preferred in bed.

Ben Affleck & Gwyneth Paltrow

Ben Affleck & Gwyneth Paltrow | Image: Getty

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The actress was invited to play the all-time awkward game of ‘F**k, Marry, Kill’ involving her famous ex-partners. She thought about it and then chose to bang Pitt, re-marry Martin, and hypothetically kill the AIR director. Key takeaway fellas: passion might be more important than technical skill in bed. Which is just great, because we have neither…

Adding fuel to the fire, Paltrow also said she believed Pitt was a better actor than Affleck. “They’re both so talented,” she began. “And Ben is a great writer and director. But I guess I would probably have to say acting alone, Brad. Because if you think of all the different roles that he’s done… Ben is great too. They’re both great.”

Maybe Ben Affleck has a reason to feel sad after all.

Sad Ben Affleck

Sad Ben Affleck | Image: TID/Backgrid

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