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Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 9 December 2023

The arrival of this week’s Staff Favourites signals the onset of silly season, marked by a clear emphasis on food and beverages. So it’s time to loosen that belt and indulge in everything the team is currently adding to their plate.

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Ninja Blast Portable Blender - BC100 | Image: Ninja
Ninja Blast Portable Blender – BC100 | Image: Ninja

Ninja Blast Portable Blender

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

With the summer sun making a triumphant appearance this week, we find ourselves firmly in beach season and I am entirely unprepared. After completing a 12-week bulk, I am back to being a fat wreck and in desperate need of some nutritious and delicious treats. The good news is that I do have help, courtesy of the new Ninja Blast Portable Blender. Releasing in Australia this month, the unique cordless kitchen accessory lets you make delicious smoothies and breakfasts on the go and I have been pushing this thing to its absolute limits. Rechargeable via USB-C, the Ninja Blast is a one-handed mega-mixing monster and I love it.

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Green ant gin
Image: Seven Seasons

Green Ant Gin

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

We just got back from our team offsite on the Hunter and it was only natural to talk about all the weird and wonderful things we’ve eaten while we were enjoying lunch. It came up often that natural Australian ingredients seem to be a trend going around Aussie restaurants, and becoming quite common are Australian Green Ants. If you haven’t tried them before, their green back’s are full of sweet, sour, lime flavours that add a certain zestiness to anything they’re added to. Enter Green Ant Ginm which is exactly as it sounds. While it looks like an old bottle of alcohol that’s been left out open from a big night before, ants have crawled into it and died from the drunkenness, these green ants are actually full of delicious goodness. A fantastic gift to give someone visiting Australia that they can’t find elsewhere.

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Image: youfoodz


John Guanzon – Head of Social

Like everyone else, December is a hectic month for me and my family. Juggling end-of-year recitals, Christmas parties, shopping, and work events often feels like a non-stop slog and often we find ourselves either eating way too late or getting takeout more than we should. Given our crazy busy schedule in recent weeks, I decided to try a box of the popular meal delivery service, YouFoodz. Conveniently delivered to my door over the weekend, my family and I excitedly unboxed a set of neatly packed ready-to-eat meals, eliminating the need for excessive grocery shopping and the stress of trying to cook nutritious meals every night after work. The real test, of course, was in the tasting. Much to our surprise, the meals were delicious. They tasted fresh, not frozen, the flavours we well-balanced and the portion sizes were just right.

I learned recently that Youfoodz teamed up with Leading Habit Expert, Dr Gina Cleo, to warn Australia it’s heading towards a ‘late night dinner crisis’, with a study revealing that 11 million Aussies are eating dinner later than ever, between 7-10 pm, up to four hours later than experts recommend. According to the research, the trend can be attributed to the lack of awareness of our circadian rhythms and calls for a needed reset. If you are, like me, one of the 43% of Aussies don’t know what their circadian rhythm is, it’s the internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and various physiological and behavioural processes. And for a better and healthier circadian rhythm, the experts say we need more convenient meal choices for us to maintain a healthy routine. Well, science-backed or not, it didn’t take much convincing for me to jump on board. Tasty? tick, Convenient? tick, Easy? tick. The healthier circadian rhythm was a great bonus.

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Old overhold cask strength rye 1
Image: Jim Beam

Old Overholt Extra-Aged Cask Strength Rye

Jacob Osborn – Journalist

Every bit as “old” as the name would suggest, Old Overholt has been continually making rye whiskey longer than any American counterpart. The Kentucky-based distillery was founded in 1810, surviving countless ebbs and flows to remain at the forefront of their respective domain. One of their latest releases is also their first cask strength expression to go public since the mid-20th century and it’s a surefire knockout. Meet Old Overholt Extra-Aged Cask Strength Rye.

Aged for 10 years in one of Clermont, Kentucky’s last standing “Escalator Warehouses,” Old Overholt’s limited edition whiskey is all the more consistent as a result. It balances lip-smacking notes of sweet vanilla, brown sugar, banana, black pepper, and rye spice on the nose and palate alike, revealing a subtle underbelly of toasted oak and leather at the long finish. Don’t be daunted by the high ABV of 60.5% as the liquid is gloriously mellow from start to finish. Anyone who loves rye whiskey will surely love this!

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Image: Oborozuki


Richie Hall – Video Producer

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Oborozuki Sydney’s Secret Japanese/French Fusion Fine Diner. Conveniently located on Macquarie St, the stunningly large windows overlook Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge providing the perfect vantage point to enjoy the NYE fireworks whilst staying well clear of the crowds. However, before we ring in 2024, Oboruzki are offering a Christmas Eve special. A luxurious 7-course Omakase meal with 3 delectable snacks for $295 per person. You can enhance your experience with the wine pairing option, featuring a selection of seven wines and sparkling wine upon arrival, for an additional $175 per person. Oboruzuki was easily one of my favourite restaurants this year and what better way to celebrate the festive season with loved ones than by indulging in Chef Daeun Kang’s masterpieces that showcase the best of Japanese and French cuisine.

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Schitt’s Creek

Naman Singh – SEO & Content Specialist

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, slow burn show, this Canadian gem is the one for you. Created by comic genius Dan Levy, Schitts Creek tells the story of the ultra-rich and pretentious Rose family. Their bankruptcy caused by their accountant’s fraudulent activities forces them to move to a fictitious town, Schitts Creek, which they bought as a gag.

What uncovers over 6 seasons is a series of misadventures, love and laughter. While this may seem like just another sitcom, it is so much more than that. Levy’s brilliant writing tackles LGTBQIA+ relationships and the complexities of a dysfunctional family dynamic with compassion and warmth. Not to mention, the spot-on casting of Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy and Annie Murphy as the Rose’s adds to the show’s comic value.

Schitt’s Creek started as an unknown, but shot up in popularity and developed a strong, loyal following during the pandemic in 2020. One of my personal all time favourites, give it a go for it’s intelligent storytelling and delightful antics.

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Le labo lavande 31
Image: Le Labo

Le Labo Lavande 31

So I’ve been going through my fair share of fragrances over the last 6 months as we update our ‘best fragrances’ articles with original photography from the exact bottles we test and the latest to come through deserves a special mention. It’s called Le Labo Lavande 31 and is a musky, citrusy, aromatic scent for men and women that’s become my go-to for everyday wear. It starts with a fairly traditional lavender scent (distilled only from the flower buds) before developing on your skin over the day in typical Le Labo fashion with neroli and bergamot. This would make a great gift for a significant other this Christmas – from AU$345.

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Ovolo nishi
Image: Rob Edwards

Ovolo Nishi

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Editor

On a recent trip to Canberra, I had the good fortune of staying at Ovolo Nishi, a hotel quite unlike any I’ve visited before. With an aesthetic that mixes Brutalist concrete with shabby-chic furnishings and punctuates it all with a charming collection of curios, Ovolo Nishi delivers a singular kind of luxury that’s highly polished, yet warm and inviting.

While the hotel certainly looks like no other, it’s the staff who make the ultimate difference for guests, never operating on autopilot in the way those staffing so many other establishments can. They’re endlessly helpful and genuinely seem to care, which makes all the difference and places them well above the competition.

The same applies to the wait staff at Monster Kitchen and Bar—located in the hotel lobby—which is a must-visit for any guest. Even if, like me, you’re a devoted meat eater, the restaurant’s plant-based menu serves up an impressive range of delicious options. I sincerely can’t recommend the tomato and pumpkin rotolo enough. The same goes for Ovolo Nishi itself, which provided the best accomodation experience I’ve enjoyed in quite some time. Keep an eye out for a forthcoming review in full.

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Harley davidson x™350 and harley davidson x™500
Image: Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson X™350 and Harley-Davidson X™500

Harry Parsons – Senior Branded Content Manager

Recently, I was among the fortunate few to experience the launch of Harley Davidson’s newest LAMS-approved motorcycles before their debut on Australian roads this month. These new models represent a significant milestone in Harley-Davidson’s history, blending the brand’s renowned traditional aesthetics with modern performance features.

Riding the X™500, I was immediately taken by its smooth and consistent power, thanks to the liquid-cooled, 500cc engine. The upright sitting position and wide seat made for a comfortable ride, so much so I could see myself going on long rides with no issues (cramps). I was particularly impressed with the 2-into-1 exhaust system, which produced a grunty roar when opening the throttle. The styling of the X500 certainly stood out for me and was a favourite of the day, perhaps due to it gaining its design cues from Harley’s Sportster and flat tracker lineage.

The X™350 truly stood out as an awesome urban warrior. Featuring a liquid-cooled, 353cc engine, it proved to be the perfect balance between agility and power making short trips around town a thrill. I found its aggressive riding stance and mid-mount foot controls gave it a really sporty feel. The narrow seat design was a notable feature, allowing for greater control and ease in placing my feet flat on the ground, both of which are great things for a learner rider.

Whilst learning to ride a motorcycle you want to have safety assured, pleasingly both models feature adjustable suspension, ABS-equipped dual front disc brakes, and all-LED lighting.

From my experience with these motorcycles, I can safely say they are excellent choices for learners or anyone looking to step into the world of Harley-Davidson. They offer an accessible entry point without compromising the brand’s heritage and style. Whether it’s the torque and comfort of the X™500 or the sporty dynamics of the X™350, both bikes uphold the Harley-Davidson promise of quality and exhilaration.

Find out more on the X™500 here and X™350 here.

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Celebrate with australian macadamias!
Image: Australian Macadamias

Celebrate with Australian Macadamias!

Elliott Barsby – Commercial Director

As Christmas draws near, our anticipation for the festive flavours intensifies. Fresh prawns, roast lamb, and fruity pavlovas come straight to mind, along with a refreshing cocktail or two. Australia’s sunny climate encourages us to seek out the finest local ingredients, and one always stands out – the Aussie macadamia.

I recently attended a dinner hosted by renowned chef Matt Moran, where he showcased the macadamia’s potential as the star ingredient for the festive season. Highlights included a mouthwatering roast lamb with macadamia and mint pesto, a vegetarian braised mushroom dish with macadamia cream, and my personal favourite, a peach, macadamia, and honey tart. Matt’s collaboration with Australian Macadamias has produced a range of delectable dishes suitable for any occasion.

As you prepare to impress your guests this festive season, remember to embrace the unique taste and versatility of Australian macadamias. To help get you started, you can download a free summer recipe book here, filled with recipes that demonstrate how macadamias can transform any meal into something extraordinary.

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Staff favourites intercontinental fiji
Image: Fiji Intercontinental

InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is a perfect blend of luxury and family-friendly charm, offering a broad range of amenities for relaxation and adventure. This resort is a true oasis. Set within 35 acres of lush tropical gardens on the shores of the breathtaking Natadola Beach, I recently got to experience its magic first-hand while on a family holiday in Fiji.

Whether sipping cocktails by the infinity pool at the Club Lounge, snorkelling with sea turtles, or enjoying a torch-lighting ceremony at sunset, my trip was filled with memorable experiences. Not to mention the exceptional food, award-winning spa, some of the friendliest staff that I have ever encountered and much more. The resort caters to a variety of tastes and certainly lives up to its reputation of delivering an exceptional experience. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a trip to Fiji.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming in-depth review in Man of Many, where I’ll delve deeper into what the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa has to offer.

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28go protein range by sam wood
Image: 28GO

28GO Protein Range by Sam Wood

Sam Mangioni – Journalist

If you want a rig like The Bachelor, I strongly suggest checking out Sam Wood’s protein collection. It’s exclusively available at Woolworths stores across the nation and comprises 16 diverse products. From protein powders and bars to collagen water and super greens powders, there’s also an indulgence range. Among these, my personal standout is the protein Banana Bread. I recently whipped it up for some friends, and the reception was phenomenal. Whether you prefer your protein in liquid form, as a snack, or something in between, Sam’s range provides a healthy protein source that can help you get shredded for summer.

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