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Best New Movie Trailers – April 2021

It’s official. We still have trailer fever. There’s no doubt about it. In a world where Apple TV+ & foot rubs are the new norm, and enticing us to go out and catch a flick is getting harder; a trailer can lead a film to global success or be the catalyst for missing its mark in the box office. As a result, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort put into the crafting of spine-tingling teasers and tantalising trailers. But the fact remains – not all trailers are made equal.

Here at Man of Many, we know trailers, man. Whether it’s Ryan Reynolds filling the void between Deadpool movies in ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ or Amy Adams mindshagging us into straight- jackets in ‘The Woman In The Window’ – if the trailer’s red-hot, we’ll have a gander and let you know about it. So without further ado, here is a list of the Best New Movie trailers that dropped in April 2021.

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Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

Loving that Hollywood has just discovered that actual diversity (not just diversity hires) sells actual movie tickets. Thanks to ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ for making it happen. That’s likely why we now have Shang-Chi – the first Asian Marvel hero (if you don’t count Wong or Mantis!). His super power? He’s a master of numerous unarmed and weaponry-based wushu styles, including the use of the gun, nunchaku, and Jian. Undoubtedly cool, however, give the man a superpower already! In the trailer, we can see he’ll be hunted down for being too good at kicking ass; but it’s OK because he’s trained his whole life for this. Awkwafina is his sidekick, so read this in her voice if you will: this is gon’ be fi-yah!!!!

West Side Story Trailer #1

Directed by Steven Spielberg, ‘West Side Story’ has all the flashes of tough boys and dancy times you’d expect in a trailer like this. You’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes. And then, like magic, it goes straight to the source and gets you in the feels. We’re calling it: Spielberg is friggin’ back. Even if you’re not a fan of musicals, we reckon you might just get salty eyes watching this one.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Trailer #1

Whilst we’re bloody stoked that this is a thing, it’s clear from the trailer that the level of horror we saw in the first two has gone down. This is is a more measured ‘Conjuring’, tempered to look like ‘Making a Murderer’ with ghosts and ghoulies. Ending on a literal cliffhanger, the Conjuring part tres trailer is a sight for sore eyes but don’t grab the popcorn just yet; we’re unsure there’s even a jump-scare that’ll cause you to spill it.

Luca Trailer

Luca looks like a lovely kind of film, the one that wants to uplift you, give you a big hug and make you believe in the goodness of people again. ‘Luca’ tells the story of two young Axlottle mermen who find out who they are (and who they care about, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) while soaking up all the wisdom and joy that coastal Italy has to offer. Just don’t get water on them.

Army of the Dead Official Trailer

Dave Bautista. Zack Snyder. Smart organised zombies. A heist. Guns. Chainsaws. Goddamn zombie tigers. Redemption. Army of the Dead is a madhouse roller coaster with no seatbelts and where do we line up, bby? Put this straight onto your watchlist.

The Woman in The Window Official Trailer

Amy Adams is an agoraphobic battling mental health issues – but at least her life is uneventful and full of comforting baths. That is until she witnesses the murder of the woman next door. Oh wait, we nearly forgot, that woman doesn’t exist. Or does she? Co-starring Gary Oldman, this is a film that will leave you second-guessing every word in every moment, trying to discern reality from the mind-f*ck’s.

In The Heights – Washington Heights Trailer

Must be about that time. Musicals are in the air. There’s not much to say about ‘In The Heights’. It’s honestly hard to gauge the plot for this film. It’s just a supercut of uplifting taglines, high-fives, dancing, candle-cups and rich Latina culture. Which is great, we’re not grinches. Happiness is cool. But like, what happens though? Where’s the intrigue? On the plus side, there’s a guy that dances with sparklers attached to his feet. That’s pretty neat.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard – Official Trailer

Ryan Reynolds takes a holiday from being a bodyguard in his latest film that we’ll watch in between Deadpool movies. He’ll team up with Salma Hayek (Samuel L Jackson’s wife) to reluctantly shoot, punch and explode his way to freedom in a cinematic effort that will likely perform moderately well at the box office. Honestly, at this stage, RR could make a film featuring just him eating cereal and we’d probably go see it.

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