Idris Elba Hunts a New Breed of Serial Killer in First ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ Trailer

The tortured genius in the herringbone overcoat is back. Netflix has dropped the first full-length trailer for the upcoming crime thriller Luther: The Fallen Sun, almost four years after the successful BBC TV series was wiped from screens. In Luther: The Fallen Sun, Idris Elba‘s talented yet troubled detective John Luther is back on the case, escaping prison to capture a cyber psychopath David Robey, played by The Batman and Lord of the Rings fan favourite Andy Serkis. The newest trailer opens up with Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo) informing detective superintendent Martin Schenk, played by Dermot Crowley, that Luther’s no longer in prison and Schenk doesn’t seem much surprised.

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Idris Elba in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

Idris Elba in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

In addition to revealing a first look at the film, the latest update also answers a number of lingering questions surrounding its development. When Netflix first announced that a Luther movie was on the way, fans questioned whether the streamer had the tact to recreate the BBC drama’s gritty authenticity in full. From the moment the Luther: The Fallen Sun trailer kicks off, however, all apprehensions are dropped.

The ruthless protagonist’s journey from prisoner to manhunter comes at the expense of several inmates, with Luther beating his way out of prison single-handedly. From there, the former detective goes straight back to doing what he does best, but without a badge, his brutal brand of justice lands firmly in vigilante territory. The trailer even sets up Luther’s next big threat in the form of Andy Serkis’ David Robey, a millionaire cyber psychopath and a serial killer on the loose, terrorizing London. With Luther hounded by his own former colleagues and a ruthless enemy, our anti-hero is determined to do everything in his power to make sure justice is delivered.

Andy Serkis in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

Andy Serkis in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

As per the film’s synopsis: “In the epic continuation of the award-winning television saga, reimagined for film, a gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther sits behind bars. Haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath, who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary.”

Luther: The Fallen Sun sees Neil Cross, the Luther franchise writer, returning to pen down the script for the film which is directed by Jaime Payne. Elba also serves as a producer on the project alongside Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, David Ready and Neil Cross. Besides Elba, Dermot Crowley will also be reprising his role as Martin Schenk, Luther’s former boss.

Idris Elba in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

Idris Elba in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

While talking about the upcoming film, Edris said, “We have an incredible appetite to satisfy the audience that love Luther in its current form as a TV show, but also bring it into a new sphere with the film version. I don’t want to be controversial but people imagine me as Bond and that’s great, but I can’t wait for them to see me as Luther in this movie. Our ambition is to take it there.”

Judging by what we have seen so far, the film does seem to carry the same DNA as the original series and ups the ante for Luther, who’s against the most ruthless and cunning criminal he’s met thus far. Luther: The Fallen Sun is set for a limited theatrical release on 24 February, followed by a worldwide Netflix release on 10 March.

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'Luther: The Fallen Sun' (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ (2023) | Image: Netflix

Lauryn Ajufo in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

Lauryn Ajufo in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

Vincent Regan in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson

Vincent Regan in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ (2023) | Image: Netflix/John Wilson


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