Christoph Waltz in 'The Consultant' (2023) | Image: Amazon Prime Video

New on Amazon Prime in February 2023

After titillating our senses with a tasty assortment of titles last month, our good friend Jeff is back at it again in February 2023. That’s right, the aerodynamic dynamo behind Amazon Prime Video is delivering another schedule loaded with content primed to take over your weekend and rule your living room for the next 28 days. Filled with movies, series and documentaries, the streaming schedule for February 2023 is a mixed bag of action and adventure, with a few Pride-theme additions thrown in. From the blockbuster debut of Christoph Waltz’s bonkers new series The Consultant to whatever Kevin Hart is doing in Die Hart, the streaming service isn’t afraid to through a few darts at the map and neither should you. Here’s what is coming to Amazon Prime Video Australia in February 2023.

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Best New Series on Amazon Prime

The whole reason we come to the streamer in the first place, new Amazon Prime Video series launches are pure gold. This month, we’ve got a whole host of big new releases, headlined by one major all-out action adventure. Here are the best new series coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023.

The Consultant

Oh baby, this actually looks awesome. Starring Tarantino’s favourite anti-hero and two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, The Consultant is a brutal and bloody thriller that will make you awkwardly squirm with laughter. Based on Bentley Little’s 2015 novel of the same name, the new series explores a sinister relationship between boss and employee. When a new consultant, Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz), is hired to improve the business at the App-based gaming company CompWare, employees experience new demands and challenges that put everything into question… including their lives.

Release Date: 24 February

Carnival Row Season 2

Big sexy Orlando Bloom returns for the second season of the fantasy series Carnival Row this month and things are looking pretty dicey for our former Pirate of the Caribbean. Set in a world where humans and creatures clash, Carnival Row finds former inspector Rycroft Philostrate investigating a series of gruesome murders stoking social tension. We’re sure there is more to the plot, but even after viewing the trailer a number of times, we’re not quite sure what’s happening. Nevertheless, we were dazzled by the pretty colours, darkened lighting and wild appearance of Cara Delevingne.

Release Date: 17 February

Harlem Season 2

Despite how it looks on the outside, Harlem is fast becoming our guilty pleasure. The comedy series follows ‘four stylish & ambitious best girlfriends’ in the mecca of Black culture in America. Landing somewhere between Sex and the City and Dear White People, the series follows Camille, who may very well be the frustrating character on television. After blowing up her career and disrupting her love life, she has to figure out how to put the pieces back together, meanwhile, her friends battle with self-discovery, the future and big city dreams.

Release Date: 3 February

Sir Patrick Stewart in 'Star Trek: Picard Season 3' (2023) | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Sir Patrick Stewart in ‘Star Trek: Picard Season 3’ (2023) | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek: Picard Season 3

Looking not unlike the Beez himself, Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to the small screen once more. The third instalment of his Star Trek spinoff series Picard hits Amazon Prime Video on February 17, dishing up more high-octane adventures, outer space shenanigans or perfectly orated monologues that will stick in your head for days. This time around, Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard comes face to face with Vadic (Tony Award winner Amanda Plummer), a mysterious alien captain of the Shrike, a warship that has set its sights on Enterprise.

From there, we also see Ensign Sidney La Forge, the eldest daughter of Geordi La Forge and helmsman of the U.S.S. Titan, make an appearance, alongside Professor Moriarty and some more favourites from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sure, this version of the classic series is a bit of a cash grab and lacks the heart that made the original and subsequent Star Trek series great, but that isn’t stopping us from tuning in. Set your phasers to ‘done’.

Release Date: 17 February

Best New Movies on Amazon Prime Video

While the quality of Amazon Prime Video films is a bit up and down, this month, the streamer has thrown its weight behind a few major releases. Here’s what you need to put on your radar this month.

John Travolta, Kevin Hart and Nathalie Emmanuel in 'Die Hart' | Image: Amazon Prime Video

John Travolta, Kevin Hart and Nathalie Emmanuel in ‘Die Hart’ | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Die Hart

In arguably his most challenging role to date, funnyman Kevin Hart plays funnyman Kevin Hart, but sort of…not? In Die Hart, the comedy short king goes full Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing a fictionalised version of himself. In this universe, Hart is desperate to escape being pigeonholed as a comedy wingman, instead, setting his sights on being taken seriously as an action movie star. Of course, the only way to do that is to send yourself to ‘action hero school’, an academy run by the enigmatic and hilarious Ron Wilcox, played by John Travolta. Here, Ron teaches Kevin the ropes on how to become one of the industry’s most coveted action stars.

One of the most interesting things about this new film is that it’s not really a film at all. Die Hart started out on the beleaguered Quibi channel as 10 short-form video clips. With the help of Amazon Prime Video, those clips have now been reimagined into a feature film format, giving the series new life on the streamer. If it will work is still anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain – Kevin Hart will shout 90% of his lines.

Release Date: 24 February

The Estate

When you want deranged and spooky, you turn to Aussie actress Toni Collete. The screen queen stars in this new flick that grows decidedly more sinister as it goes along. The Estate follows two sisters who plot to win the inheritance of their cantankerous, terminally ill aunt, but it turns out they aren’t alone. Other relatives have equally devious designs on the family fortune, which currently belongs to cranky, sickly Aunt Hilda (Kathleen Turner). Cash-strapped nieces, Savanna (Anna Faris) and Macey (Toni Collette) attempt to sway Hilda with a little fawning and flattery, much to the dismay of the rest of the family.

If The Estate feels a little familiar, you’re absolutely right. The new Amazon Prime Video arrives from the mind of British writer-director Dean Craig, best known for his awkward family comedy Death at a Funeral. An all-star cast and a little death? How fun.

Release Date: 3 February

Somebody I Used To Know

Dave Franco directs his own wife in this surprisingly interesting new flick. Somebody I Used To Know follows workaholic TV producer Ally (Alison Brie), who suddenly has her world crash down around her. When faced with a major professional setback, Ally runs back to the comfort of her hometown where she spends a whirlwind evening reminiscing with her first love Sean (Jay Ellis). Insert a mystery lover, some heartbreak and a trademark Brie awkwardness and you’ve got yourself a fairly solid Valentine’s Day rom-com.

Release Date: 10 February

New Comedy Specials on Amazon Prime

This month, Amazon Prime Video has shied away from the documentary side of things, however, it’s invested heavily in queer comedy just in time for WorldPride. Aussie laugh machines Rhys Nicholson and Joel Creasey each get their own specials, which look fabulous. Here are the best new comedy specials coming to Amazon Prime in February 2023.

Rhys Nicholson's Big Queer Comedy Concert | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Rhys Nicholson’s Big Queer Comedy Concert | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Rhys Nicholson’s Big Queer Comedy Concert

Landing just in time for WorldPride, comedian Rhys Nicholson brings a whole new world to Amazon Prime Video. The new stand-up special was recorded at Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre and features a bunch of LGBTQIA+ comedy stars like Urzila Carlson, Geraldine Hickey, Cassie Workman, and Chris Parker. Expect a big, bold, colourful class act.

Release Date: 17 February

Joel Creasey: Queen of the Outback | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Joel Creasey: Queen of the Outback | Image: Amazon Prime Video

Joel Creasey: Queen of the Outback

Another WorldPride-themed addition, Joel Creasey’s Queen of the Outback sees the comedian dish out laughs in front of a live studio audience. The set was filmed at the 2022 Broken Heel Festival, Australia’s largest regional drag celebration, in September 2022 and features all the glitz and glamour of the festival’s nonstop weekend carnival.

Release Date: 17 February

Everything Coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023

With all the best movies, series and documentaries Amazon Prime Video has to offer delved into, it’s time to put the whole schedule on display. Here is everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023 for your viewing pleasure.

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
  • Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
  • A Man Called Otto
  • The Fabelmans
  • M3GAN
  • Despicable Me 2 – 1/02/23
  • Fifty Shades Of Grey – 1/02/23
  • Trainwreck – 1/02/23
  • About Time – 1/02/23
  • How To Train Your Dragon 2 – 1/02/23
  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – 1/02/23
  • Pitch Perfect 2 – 1/02/23
  • Gary And His Demons S1-S2 – 2/02/23
  • The Estate – 3/02/23
  • Harlem S2 – 3/02/23
  • Hellboy – 3/02/23
  • Somebody I Used To Know – 10/02/23
  • Clarkson’s Farm S2 – 10/02/23
  • Colombiana – 10/02/23
  • Survive – 14/02/23
  • Rhys Nicholson’s Big Queer Comedy Concert – 17/02/23
  • Joel Creasey Queen Of The Outback – 17/02/23
  • Carnival Row S2 – 17/02/23
  • Star Trek: Picard S3 – 18/02/23
  • Five Feet Apart – 20/02/23
  • Die Hart – 24/02/23
  • The Consultant S1 – 24/02/23

General FAQs

What new movies are coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023?

There are a number of new films coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023. These include: Somebody I Used To Know, The Estate, Die Hart, Five Feet Apart, Survive, Colombiana, Hellboy, Pitch Perfect 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, About Time, Trainwreck, Fifty Shades of Grey and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

What new series are coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023?

Known for its originals, Amazon Prime Video is home to some great series. In February 2023, Amazon Prime Video is adding: Harlem season 2, Clarkson's Farm season 2, Carnival Row season 2, Star Trek: Picard season 3, and The Consultant.

What new comedy specials are coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023?

There are two new comedy specials coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2023. They are: Rhys Nicholson's Big QUeer Comedy Concert and Jorel Creasey: Queen of the Outback.


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