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New on Netflix in February 2023

Whether you’ve caught yourself staring in the mirror wondering how you got so old after watching That ’90s Show or you’re still trying to understand how they got Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill in the same B-movie, Netflix does not care. The monstrous streamer has already moved on, dropping another delicious round of binge-worthy material to keep you entertained and occupied while they try to figure out which beloved TV show they’re ready to reboot next. This month, it’s more of the same – a schedule locked and loaded with a big dawg buffet of movies, series and documentaries set to square your eyes and drain your brain. From the small screen return of Drive to Survive to the orgy-fuelled lunacy that is Gunther’s Millions, Netflix isn’t placing all its eggs in one basket, and neither should you. Buckle up buddy, here’s what’s New on Netflix in February 2023

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Best New Series on Netflix

The whole reason we come to the streamer in the first place, new Netflix series launches are absolute gold. This month, we’ve got a whole host of new releases, headlined by one high-octane new instalment of a Formula 1 epic.  Here are the best new series coming to Netflix in February 2023.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 5

Oh baby, the champ has returned. After a long hiatus, Netflix’s high-flying Formula 1 docu-series is headed back to the streamer. Landing on February 24, the fifth season of Drive to Survive sees drivers, managers and team owners live life in the fast lane on and off the track. Best of all, Dutch prodigy Max Verstappen is back in front of the camera. After slamming the series in the past, the reigning champion has returned to the hot seat to give fans unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to his successful quest for a second-consecutive world title. Meanwhile, our own Daniel Ricciardo is forced out of McLaren Racing, once and for all.

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Release Date: February 24

Outer Banks: Season 3

The show everyone loves to hate, but secretly hates that they love is back in February. Season three of Outer Banks finds the Pogues solving mysteries in a new setting, washing ashore on a desert island after losing the gold and fleeing their idyllic home. However, things quickly go south for John B, Sarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, and Cleo when they wind up in a race for the treasure. Angsty teen drama ensues.

Release Date: February 23

You: Season 4 Part 1

Let’s face it, season three of You was pretty…bleh, but we’ve got high hopes for season four. The anticipated stalker, serial killer, murder-mystery series is back for another spin, but this time our fearless anti-hero Joe finds himself in an all-new setting – sunny London. In an attempt to bury the past and be his best self, Joe looks to be on the straight and narrow, but a familiar obsession threatens to drum up new drama. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, You: Season 4 Part 1 is arriving with a fresh season filled with crime, drama and romance. Let’s just hope they drop all that ‘wolfing’ shit.

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Release Date: February 9

Best New Movies on Netflix

While the quality of Netflix’s films is a bit up and down, this month, the streamer has thrown its weight behind a few major releases. The story of our favourite Aussie sea-voyager, Jess Watson, comes to the small screen while Ashton Kutcher is back to his rom-com roots in Your Place or Mine, so buckle up. Here are the best new movies on Netflix this month.

True Spirit

Remember that brief period of time when every TV station was obsessed with Jess Watson? The teenage sensation practically dominated the airwaves in the mid-2010s after undertaking a heart-stopping solo voyage around the world and now, she’s back for round two. In True Spirit, we follow Jess’ unique journey to accomplish what many considered to be impossible; navigating some of the world’s most challenging stretches of ocean over the course of 210 days. Led by rising Aussie star Teagan Croft, and featuring familiar local faces like Anna Paquin, Josh Lawson and Todd Lasance, this movie will be good for a decent hit of nostalgia, if nothing else.

Release Date: February 3


You’ve got to hand it to those Norwegians, they just do horror better. Vikingulven (otherwise known as Viking Wolf) follows Thale, a run-of-the-mill 17-year-old who witnesses a horrific murder at a party. Immediately after the event, Thale starts experiencing bizarre urges and visions, which are not explicitly outlined in the synopsis, but with a name like Viking Wolf, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what his ailment is. That’s right, Thale’s got a hankering for a midnight howl and we’re 100 per cent here for it. This shit looks scary.

Release Date: February 3

Your Place or Mine

All hail the return of Ashton Kutcher. After the premiere of That ’70s Show sequel That ’90s Show, the former teen heartthrob is going back to his rom-com roots. In Your Place or Mine, polar opposites Reece Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher swap homes for a week, getting to peek into each other’s lives for a hot minute. Flash forward and the two have managed to look past the questionable decor and are now de-robing. Tremendous.

Release Date: February 10

We Have a Ghost

This one slipped a little under the radar, but it might turn out to be a bit of a winner. We Have a Ghost stars Stranger Things’ David Harbour and the least-respected Marvel hero Anthony Mackie in a film that blurs the lines between comedy and horror. Based on the 2017 short story, “Ernest” by Geoff Manaugh, the film follows Ellie, a high-school student who can’t quite muster the courage to ask Abbie to the school formal. Things get a little more challenging, however, when the ghost of her aunt appears to give her advice.

Release Date: February 24

New Documentaries on Netflix

This month, Netflix has streamlined the number of new documentaries, focusing on one major sporting legend, alongside another great true-crime series. Here are the best new documentaries coming to Netflix in February 2023.

Gunther’s Millions

A dog with a trust fund? A series of high-profile orgies? We have no idea what the f*ck is happening in Gunther’s Millions, but we’re hooked. In this new Netflix documentary, the producers take you behind the scenes of one of the most ridiculous stories ever developed. It essentially tells the sordid tale of a multi-millionaire German shepherd and the bizarre people that attach themselves to his unique legacy. The accents are dubious, the sex is confusing and somehow the dog winds up looking like the cleanest participant. Good boy.

Release Date: February 1

Bill Russell: Legend

In the world of NBA, there are no bigger names than Bill Russell. The ‘Secretary of Defence’ played 14 seasons in the top league, dominating from start to finish, picking up an ice-cold 11 championships. Finally, his story is getting the attention it deserves and who better to tell it than the great man himself? Featuring an interview with Bill Russell prior to his passing in 2022, Bill Russell: Legend is the definitive telling of the remarkable life and legacy of an NBA superstar and civil rights icon.

Release Date: February 8

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

It wouldn’t be New to Netflix without a juicy true crime documentary. This time around, the stream is focusing on the Murdaughs, one of South Carolina’s most prominent families. However, the death of teenager Mallory Beach in a drunken boating accident began an unravelling of their legacy. From there Paul Murdaugh – the alleged driver of the boat – and his mother Maggie are found brutally murdered, exposing a century of corruption, power, and cover-ups in the Low Country. This one is a seriously wild ride, from start to finish.

Release Date: February 22

Full Swing

It’s not quite Drive to Survive, but it’s close. In this golf-themed sports docu-series, Netflix takes us on board with a diverse group of professional golfers as they attempt to succeed on and off the course across a relentless season of competition.

Release Date: February 15

New Comedy on Netflix

When it comes to laughs, Netflix has delivered the goods this month, with specials arriving from a host of the world’s best comedians. Here are the top comedy specials landing on Netflix in February 2023.

Jim Jefferies: High n’ Dry

The king of comedy storytelling, Jim Jefferies serves up a new special for Netflix this month. In High n’ Dry, no topic is off limits, with the Aussie legend riffing on stoned koalas, his dad’s vasectomy confusion, choosing between his hair and his sex drive and more.

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Release Date: February 14

Everything Coming to Netflix in February 2023

With all the best movies, series and documentaries Netflix has to offer delved into, it’s time to put the whole schedule on display. Here is everything coming to Netflix in February 2023 for your viewing pleasure.

  • Freeridge – 02/02/2023
  • Class – 03/02/2023
  • The Exchange – 08/02/2023
  • You: Season 4 Part 1 – 09/02/2023
  • The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem – 09/02/2023
  • Love is Blind: After the Altar Season 3 – 10/02/2023
  • Love to Hate You – 10/02/2023
  • In Love All Over Again – 14/02/2023
  • Perfect Match – Rolling Episodes
  • Eva Lasting – 15/02/2023
  • #NoFilter – 15/02/2023
  • The Law According to Lidia Poët – 15/02/2023
  • Red Rose – 15/02/2023
  • The Upshaws: Part 3 – 16/02/2023
  • Ganglands: Season 2 – 17/02/2023
  • Community Squad – 17/02/2023
  • A Girl and an Astronaut – 17/02/2023
  • Triptych – 22/02/2023
  • Outer Banks: Season 3 – 23/02/2023
  • Who Were We Running From? – 24/02/2023
  • Too Hot to Handle: Germany – 28/02/2023
  • True Spirit – 03/02/2023
  • Stromboli – 03/02/2023
  • Vikingulven – 03/02/2023
  • Infiesto – 03/02/2023
  • Dear David – 09/02/2023
  • 10 Days of a Good Man – 10/02/2023
  • Your Place or Mine – 10/02/2023
  • Squared Love All Over Again – 13/02/2023
  • All the Places – 14/02/2023
  • A Sunday Affair – 14/02/2023
  • Re/Member – 14/02/2023
  • Unlocked – 17/02/2023
  • The Strays – 22/02/2023
  • Call Me Chihiro – 23/02/2023
  • We Have a Ghost – 24/02/2023
  • Jim Jefferies: High n’ Dry – 14/02/2023
  • Whindersson Nunes: Preaching to the Choir – 19/02/2023
  • A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou – 28/02/2023
  • Gunther’s Millions – 01/02/2023
  • Bill Russell: Legend – 08/02/2023
  • African Queens: Njinga – 15/02/2023
  • Full Swing – 15/02/2023
  • Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal – 22/02/2023
  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 5 – 24/02/2023
  • My Dad the Bounty Hunter – 09/02/2023
  • That Girl Lay Lay: Season 2 – 23/02/2023
  • Oddballs: Season 2 – 24/02/2023
  • Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa – 01/02/2023
  • MAKE MY DAY – 02/02/2023
  • Aggretsuko: Season 5 – 16/02/2023
  • The Love Punch – 13/02/2023
  • Girl Like You – 15/02/2023
  • Between a Frock and a Hard Place – 15/02/2023
  • Love & Other Drugs – 15/02/2023
  • Pitch Perfect – 16/02/2023
  • Jurassic World – 16/02/2023
  • The Unusual Suspects: Season 1 – 16/02/2023
  • Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt) – 17/02/2023

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What new movies are coming to Netflix in February 2023?

There are a number of new films coming to Netflix in February 2023. These include: .

What new series are coming to Netflix in February 2023?

Known for its originals, Netflix is home to some great series. In February 2023, Netflix is adding:

What new documentaries are coming to Netflix in February 2023?

There are a bunch of new documentaries coming to Netflix in February 2023. These include: Bill Russell: Legend, Full Swing, and Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.


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