Fender Brings Back its Icons with the American Vintage II Series Guitars

In a move that will be an absolute dream come true for many guitar enthusiasts, Fender has pulled back the curtain on its American Vintage II Series instruments. This range essentially recreates the brand’s most iconic and sought-after models and makes them readily available for those of us who don’t have the time to go skulking around vintage guitar shops in search of a hidden gem.

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American vintage tele

Fender American Vintage II ‘72 Telecaster Thinline| Image: Fender

The selection of guitars and basses includes absolute classics from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, all built precisely to the original specs and many of which feature nitrocellulose lacquer finishes designed to provide the authentic vintage Fender look as they age over time. They also come packing vintage neck profiles, so you’ll feel like you’re playing a piece of history.

Year-specific pickups have been used to ensure you get the same tone you would have if you’d strolled into a shop and pulled one of the originals down off the wall all those years ago, while vintage hardware and similarly vintage cases complete the old-school Fender package.

“The iconic models in the American Vintage II Series are a near 1:1 comparison with their original predecessors. Today they are built with precise, modern manufacturing processes that weren’t available in the past,” says Justin Norvell, Fender’s executive vice president of product. “These original guitars and basses have long been coveted by avid players and vintage enthusiasts around the world for their aesthetic and tone that inspired some of the greatest music and most-identifiable guitar and bass lines of all time.”

American vintage ii ‘66 jazz bass2

American Vintage II ‘66 Jazz Bass | Image: Fender

It’s true, many of the guitars recreated in this collection you’ll recognise as having been played by some of the true musical giants of the last 70 years, from Telecaster-wielders like Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen to devotees of the Stratocaster like Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. And while you may be able to buy a little rock star cool, you’ll still have to put in hours of practice if you want to play like those guys. Mind you, after looking at Keith Richard’s fingers, maybe it’s best to go easy.

The full range with pricing is as follows…

American vintage ii ‘51 telecaster

American Vintage II ‘51 Telecaster and American Vintage II ‘51 Telecaster Left-Handed, AUD$2,399


American vintage ii ‘54 precision bass

American Vintage II ‘54 Precision Bass, AUD$4,399


American vintage ii ‘57 stratocaster

American Vintage II ‘57 Stratocaster and American Vintage II ‘57 Stratocaster Left-Handed, AUD$4,099-AUD$4,399


American vintage ii ‘60 precision bass

American Vintage II ‘60 Precision Bass, AUD$4,099


American vintage ii ‘61 stratocaster

American Vintage II ‘61 Stratocaster and American Vintage II ‘61 Stratocaster Left-Handed, AUD$4,099


American vintage ii ‘63 telecaster

American Vintage II ‘63 Telecaster, AUD$4,099-AUD$4,399


American vintage ii ‘66 jazz bass

American Vintage II ‘66 Jazz Bass and American Vintage II ‘66 Jazz Bass Left-Handed, AUD$4,499


American vintage ii ‘66 jazzmaster

American Vintage II ‘66 Jazzmaster, AUD$4,699


American vintage ii ‘72 telecaster thinline

American Vintage II ‘72 Telecaster Thinline, AUD$4,699


American vintage ii ‘73 statocaster

American Vintage II ‘73 Stratocaster, AUD$4,449


American vintage ii ‘75 telecaster deluxe

American Vintage II ‘75 Telecaster Deluxe, AUD$4,499


American vintage ii ‘77 telecaster custom

American Vintage II ‘77 Telecaster Custom, AUD$4,299

With the new range it certainly looks like the iconic guitar manufacturer is firing on all cylinders in celebration of its incredible legacy. To explore the full Fender American Vintage II Series range, click on the link below.

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