Part 1 – Our 18 Favourite Aussie Girls of Instagram

Australia has a lot to offer. Stunning beaches, cracking weather and beautiful women. But if you’re not lucky enough to live on our sandy shores, we’ve put together a list of our 20 favourite Australian women on Instagram to fill up your feed and tie you over for Easter. What we love about these girls is they’re all clearly motivated, driven and inspirational, not only to other women but for us men to get off our asses and achieve something like these girls do. Time to hit the gym fellas. These famous Australian Instagram models are setting the bar high. Let’s go!

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amanda bisk instagram

1. Amanda Bisk

Probably the most flexible person on the planet, Amanda Bisk is a former Australian Pole Vaulter who’s reaching dizzying new heights with over 80 thousand instagram followers.

Name: Amanda Bisk
Associated with: Fresh Body Fit Mind, former Australian Pole Vaulter
Followers to date: 719k


bianca cheah ig

2. Bianca Cheah

As an Australian model and lifestyle and exercise blogger for the recently relaunched Sporteluxe blog, it’s no surprise Bianca Cheah is a very busy woman. The site has quickly developed a cult following and for good reason, and her IG account is predictably killing it.

Name: Bianca May Cheah
Associated with: Sporteluxe, They Call Her Alfie
Followers to date: 164k


elouise morris

3. Elouise Morris

A model for Chic Management and Miranda Kerr lookalike, I don’t think Elly has ever stopped smiling in her photos.

Name: Elouise Morris
Associated with: Chic Management
Followers to date: 115k


brooklyn kelly

4. Brooklyn Kelly

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Brooklyn is a rep for Moana Bikini and a girl who’s obviously killing it at life having just signed with Viviens Model Management. Among our favorite Aussie bikini girls and for good reason.

Name: Elouise Morris
Associated with: Chic Management
Followers to date: 115k


emma lucey

5. Emma Lucey

Emma Lucey, aka Spin Dizzy Fall, is by a 23 year old Sydney blogger who likes fashion, travel, photography & vintage style. She’s one of the best female fashion bloggers we know and delivers it all with crazy class and coolness.

Name: Emma Lucey
Associated with: Spin Dizzy Fall
Followers to date: 46.3k


hannah polites

6. Hannah Polites

If Amanda is one of the most flexible on the planet, Hannah is one of the fittest. We’d argue she’s cheating having a personal trainer for a boyfriend but he’s clearly doing a great job!

Name: Hannah Polites
Associated with: model, fitness guru
Followers to date: 1.3m


caitlyn paterson

7. Caitlyn Paterson

The multi-talented Caitlyn Paterson is a blogger, actress and model who’s a country girl at heart. She’s obviously got great taste using a similar WordPress theme to ours for her blog. Only we can’t say we’re among the most beautiful girls on Instagram like Caitlyn.

Name: Caitlyn Paterson
Associated with: Searching Malware, Friend Request (2012) and Rake (2010)
Followers to date: 192k


renee somerfield

8. Renee Somerfield

Yes it’s the girl in light blew sandwiched between @sheridynfisher and @satnightalrite. The 23 year is turning her sexy selfies into a lucrative business.

Name: Renee Somerfield
Associated with: Somerfield Swim
Followers to date: 1.5m


how two live

9. How Two Live

Jess & Stef are two sisters sharing their lives while they jet set across the globe. The name says it all with them how us they both know “How Two Live” it up large no matter where they are. They have one of the most popular travel social channels on the net.

Name: Jess and Stef Dadon
Associated with: Twoobs Footwear
Followers to date: 93.4k


phoebe tonkin

10. Phoebe Tonkin

While she may be known the world over for portraying Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries (we’ve never seen it though, promise.), one look at her Instagram will tell you she’s just like any normal down to earth girl from Sydney and that’s what we love about her.

Name: Phoebe Tonkin
Associated with: H2O: Just Add Water, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle
Followers to date: 5.5m


nicole trunfio

11. Nicole Trunfio

Nicole is the closest you come to an Australian Supermodel and someone we’ve got mad respect for calling out Naomi Campbell for her bad behaviour. The Western Australia native, Trunfio is one model who uses Instagram like a champ.

Name: Nicole Trunfio
Associated with: Erth Jewelry, Bumpsuit
Followers to date: 237k


jessica gomes

12. Jessica Gomes

The face of David Jones here in Australia and now she can add the title of Sports Illustrated Model to her name in 2014. Who doesn’t love swimsuit models afterall?

Name: Jessica Gomes
Associated with: IMG Models Worldwide
Followers to date: 228k


jess fitts

13. Jess Fitts

 So popular is Jess amongst the boys in Melbourne, that Zoo Weekly recently invited her along for a shoot. Jess Fitts has a stunning variety of photos for all sensitivity levels.

Name: Jess Fitts
Followers to date: 26k


chloe morello

14. Chloe Morello

A self-made youtube star who’s taken the beauty world by storm. We love her for the commitment and planning she puts in each week to her videos and we can appreciate someone who likes to produce great content for their audience.

Name: Chloe Morello
Associated with: Face Halo
Followers to date: 1.2m


lauren curtis

15. Lauren Curtis

Actually one of Chloe’s best mates as a fellow Beauty blogger/vlogger, Lauren doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Recently having moved to Bondi from WA, we’re giving her mad props for this ridiculously dope car she just purchased, all off her own back and hard work of course!

Name: Lauren Curtis
Associated with: Lauren Curtis Lounge, Mental Makeover Podcast
Followers to date: 1.3m


jessica hart

16. Jessica Hart

Who ever thought someone could make buck teeth look so darn sexy and cute!… so much so she’s now a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Name: Jessica Hart
Associated with: Luma
Followers to date: 241k


margot robbie

17. Margot Robbie

Some might know her from her breakout role and nude scenes from the Wolf of Wall St, but if you’re like us you’ll remember her from days on Neighbours! She’s only just signed up to instagram so we’re looking forward to more things to come! One of the hottest Aussie actresses turned Insta stars.

Name: Margot Elise Robbie
Associated with: movies – The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad and I, Tonya
Followers to date: 19.7m


miranda kerr

18. Miranda Kerr

Need we say more?

Name: Miranda May Kerr
Associated with: Kora Organics, Victoria’s Secret
Followers to date: 12.2m


We obviously can’t please all, so tell us, who did we leave off the list?

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