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LIV Golf

LIV Golf Star Caught Peeing on the Course Sparks Internet Frenzy

One of us! One of us!

For amateurs, peeing on a golf course is as common as hitting the ball out of bounds. However, professionals are expected to maintain a higher standard of conduct. But LIV Golf, the new Saudi-backed tour, is revolutionising the game (in more ways than one). Unlike the traditional PGA Tour, LIV Golf plays music throughout the tournament, permits players to wear shorts, and now even allows them to take a whizz off the side of the tee box. Damn you people, this is golf, not a rock concert!

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Although the focus should be on Danny Leeโ€™s first victory since 2015, another player has managed to steal the headlines. Sergio Garcia, a major winner, has been caught doing something unusual during the final round at The Gallery Golf Club in Tucson, Arizona. As his playing partner, Scott Vincent attempts to tee it up, Garcia can be seen rushing across the screen towards the bushes. In the corner of the screen, he appears to be either enjoying a close-up view of the shrubbery or, more likely, relieving himself. The bizarre scenes were captured by author Matt McCarthy and posted to his Twitter feed. As you can expect, the internet took a few comedic swings in the comments. Check them out below:

Alright, back to golf. Danny Lee won the individual title and a cool USD$4 million (AUD$6 million) in a four-man playoff, with the Spanish-speaking Fireballs capturing the team victory. Unfortunately for Aussie fans, Ripper GC player and second-round leader Marc Leishman choked, shooting a 77 on the final day to finish T17.

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