Comedian Neel Kolhatkar Sums Up Sydney in 3 Minutes

Painfully accurate.

Sydney, for all its beauty, cops a bollocking from its citizens on the reg. From YouTube series Streets of Sydney taking the piss out of a different suburb each episode, to every millennial to reside within a fifty-mile radius of the Emerald City to (validly) whinge about housing prices ad nauseum, there’s a lot to unpack in the cultural cliques that form around this great harbour.

Sydney comedian Neel Kolhatkar has received a bit of attention for his biting yet highly accurate portrayal of just about every culture, minority, demographic and example of social standing which exists in the multitude of pockets that make up Sydney as we know her today. From eastern suburbs socialites to the melting pot of the west, Kolhatkar pulls no punches in his scathing impersonations (except for a clearly biased view on Kogarah, evidently Neel’s hometown).

Anybody who’s spent a significant amount of time in Sydney, or better still, grew up here, will be able to relate to the comedy as it rolls off the screen, and all in under three minutes.

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