Instagram Girls of the Month – June ’18

With the ever-evolving platform that is Instagram constantly suggesting new accounts to follow, and most of those accounts being attractive women, we at Man of Many feel your pain.

Having to scroll through such imagery for hours on end can be exhausting. That’s why we do it for you and, each month, curate a list of some of our favourite Instagram accounts, for your following pleasure.

From models to artists, travelers to entrepreneurs, and everything type of philanthropy in between, our Instagram Girls of The Month feature never fails to throw a spotlight on some of the most kickass accounts on social media. This month takes us from Russia to Venezuela, and back to St Kilda Beach, with a few stops in between, to meet five girls from very different backgrounds.


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x @boomingvision ??

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Albanys Agudelo

Coming to us all the way from Venezuela is Albanys, a self-described “Golden Barbie” with the sun-kissed skin and doll-like gaze to show for it. Whether she’s chilling on the beach, going out to eat, or just hanging around the apartment, Albanys is always dressed to kill and camera-ready, making her one certifiable Instagram babe.


Lilly Lueesse

Speaking of real-life Barbie dolls, Lilly is the quintessential blonde, graced with gorgeous blue eyes and an unbeatable smile. This eye-catching model hails from Germany and rocks a slender figure in addition to that perfect face. Checking out her Instagram feed is like injecting figurative sunshine directly onto your computer screen.


Jeanni Mulder

Another lean, mean and sexy machine, Jeanni does South Africa proud with her enviable genetics and undeniable allure. With the arch of her sculpted eyebrow or curve of her full lips, she can convey an entire spectrum of emotions. Check out her Instagram page, but try not to fall in love.


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Daniela Lopez Osorio

The lovely Daniela Lopez is a natural beauty who knows how to keep you scrolling. Thanks to her love of travel, the backdrop frequently changes from frame to frame. Meanwhile, one thing stays the same: her indisputable hotness.


Viki Odintcova

Just how hot is Viki Odintcova? Hot enough to rack up 4.7 million followers on Instagram. Indeed, between her generous assets, perfect figure, tan skin and steady gaze, there’s simply no wrong reason to follow this Russian knockout.



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