5 Best Curly Hair Styles for Men

Tis the season for wild and shaggy manes! Take some advice from our resident ringlet wrangler, and creative director of Blow salon, Steve Clark to make the most of your manly crown of curls. Here are his Top 5 Curly Hair Styles for Men.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Let your waves do the talking with an easy to maintain style that says “I just don’t give a damn”.

Perfect for: The guy who rolls out of bed at midday with a bottle of jack and a bad attitude.


The short and sweet is the perfect mix of dashing debonair and boyish charm. This is a look that will please all the ladies in your life, including mum.

Perfect for: The guy that wants the promotion…. and a date with the boss’s daughter.


This modern day mullet is all party on the top and business on the bottom. Check your curly mane with this stylish take on 80’s glam and you’ll be kicking hair goals like no one’s business.

Perfect for: The guy who loves a good chino/loafer combo, The Venga Boys and gettin’ low.


Allowing your curls to flourish in all their natural glory will not only make you a serious babe magnet, but it will also cut your grooming time in half. Be a dude and let your man curls shine.

Perfect for: The guy who likes the outdoors, owns a camel pack, and enjoys eating beans from a tin.


One of the most envied hair styles around, the fro oozes instant cool. Brush it out or twist it up for some serious street cred.

Perfect for: The guy that drinks coconut water, plays acoustic guitar, and steals your girl.


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