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Ford fiesta engagement ring 2

Rev Your Partners Engine With These Engagement Rings

It’s time to give your partner exactly what they asked for. Scrap Car Comparison has officially launched their new car lovers engagement ring service, and if you’ve ever been so inclined to rev your partners engine in just the right way – now’s your chance. Whether you’re honouring the mechanical love of your life with a bespoke design or foreshadowing a future life of luxury, both experiences can be shared together with design cues taken from whatever brand or car model you choose.

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Mini cooper ring

Image: Scrap Car Comparison – ‘Mini Cooper’

Too often is the case that catalytic converters are sold or even stolen from scrap cars. Sourced for their precious metals, recycled, and used in wedding and engagement rings for years Scrap Car Comparison thinks it’s time we start helping car lovers be car lovers. They came up with the idea to create bespoke designs mirroring the aesthetics of the motors we all love. Think Ford Fiesta, Mini Cooper and Lamborghini, these are simply perfect for anyone proposing to a ‘petrol-head’ this Christmas!

Partnering with engagement ring specialist, Edward Fleming, the jeweller brings over 15 years of experience to make the service possible. Any car lover will understand there’s always that one car we regret selling, and the UK-based scrap car company has launched the service to provide the opportunity to people who have had to scrap or say goodbye to a beloved vehicle. You can now wear something that reminds you of a favourite moment in your motor.

“We meet customers that are gutted to say goodbye to their cars and leave the scrap yard wishing they could take a piece of it with them. As parts of modern scrapped cars are recycled and used in wedding and engagement rings already, it made perfect sense to us to take this interesting aspect of scrappage a step further, and give customers the chance to create the most romantic memento of their favourite motor,” said Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison.

To show off what’s possible with the new service, Scrap Car Comparison has shared three examples of what potential engagement rings could look like if they were inspired by three well-known car models: the Ford Fiesta, the original Mini Cooper and the lavish Lamborghini Huracán. Fully custom is the aim of the game and there’s virtually no limit on design. To enquire, check out the link below.

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Lamborghini huracan ring

Image: Scrap Car Comparison – Lamborghini Huracan

Ford fiesta engagement ring

Image: Scrap Car Comparison – Inspired by the headlights of a Ford Fiesta

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