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Nice Drip: Louis Vuitton Launches $4,100 Paint Can Bag

The trend of upscaling just got a lot classier. We’re somewhat used to Virgil Abloh’s unconventional yet visionary approach to fashion. Despite the fact that the fashion world recently lost that vision with the passing of Abloh, you can still see his influence shaping trends and movements. Products from his FW22 are starting to hit retail and one example demonstrates how creative Abloh was—the Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag.

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Louis vuitton paint can bag 4

Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag | Image: Louis Vuitton

The name is a pretty good description. This is actually a paint can that has been turned into a crossbody bag. The paint can bag first showed up in the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 show. The paint cans are part of the leather goods Vuitton offers, and each is crafted with cowhide leather for the base and trims.

Coated canvas combines with a microfiber lining and is then adorned with silver metal hardware and a compartment that is accessed via a flap. The paint cans come in six of Abloh’s signature colours—purple, orange, red, green, yellow, and blue. The bags offer plenty of details to attract the eye, such as “EXTERIOR PAINT” being emblazoned on the can, a “Handle With Care” warning as well as a flammable warning, and the LV monogram being added throughout.

Louis vuitton paint can bag 3

Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag | Image: Louis Vuitton

As is often the case with Abloh’s work, the paint can bag has drawn both praise and criticism. Included among the criticism is a bit of sticker shock—the paint can bags are marked at USD$2,360. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on—fan or critic—you have to admire the creativity that Abloh was able to employ in his work.

Just to be able to look at an object as common and typically ignored as a can of paint and then find a way for it to turn heads in the fashion world is quite an accomplishment. No wonder Abloh is still influencing fashion even after his departure from the scene.

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Louis vuitton paint can bag 2

Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag | Image: Louis Vuitton

Louis vuitton paint can bag

Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag | Image: Louis Vuitton