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Will & Bear’s Upcycled Hats are Good for the Environment

Each year, more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill, and that’s just in Australia. Will & Bear are a unique Australian headwear label that values giving back and sees the power of collective good. The label is aiming to develop a new range of hats made from upcycled waste materials to lower our impact on the planet and help promote slow fashion.

With natural resources being consumed at an alarming rate due to the extreme growth of fast fashion, the environment is being damaged and depleted. This approach Is just not sustainable. Will & Bear sees value in long lasting, high quality objects. Objects that retain meaning in our lives all while being made with the lightest possible footprint.

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The funds from this campaign will go directly towards research and development then implementing the new range made from upcycled waste materials.

Paper is one of the most abundant waste products in the world. Each year, the world produces more than 270 million tonnes of paper. Recycled paper will be used to craft a range of beach hats. Common byproducts neglected by the food & beverage industry including coconut husks and plastic bottles are to up-cycled to create vegan suede fabrics. Wool will be taken from old garments – mostly sweaters but also hats. It’s then broken down, re-spun into new yarn and used for brand new beanies and accessories.

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Will & Bear also aim to inspire a life lived outdoors and a deeper connection to the environment. Through a partnership with trees.org, ten trees are to be planted for every hat sold.

Will & Bear is crowdfunding to launch its new range. They are close to the 20k goal but could use your help to get over the line. Visit the Start Some Good campaign for the complete rundown of products and prices.

With summer fast approaching, pair your new hat with a pair of Rez 100% recycled boardshorts and also check out REC watches built from recycled car parts.

General FAQs

What is slow fashion?

slow fashion is fashion that considers how and what resources are used to make the clothing. It values fair treatment of the factory workers, animals used, and the impact on the planet.

How does slow fashion differ from sustainable or ethical fashion?

Slow fashion and sustainable or ethical fashion are very similar and follow the same broad rules. Slow fashion, however, tends to focus more on reducing consumption and production impacts.

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 will and bear upcycled socks and hat and cap

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