Short Haircuts and Hairstyle Tips for Men

When it comes to popular men’s hairstyles, some trends start fresh and stay fresh. Short men’s hair is one of those trends. And why wouldn’t it be? Short hair is manageable and sharp and hard to screw up, making it downright perfect for the average male. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for personal expression. Indeed, the bulk of eye-catching short haircuts for men these days go big on texture and contrast. Like a delicious cupcake, most of the good stuff goes on top while a taper or fade around the sides will seal the visual deal. In other words: layer it up gents! And don’t be afraid to tinker around with that icing until you get it right. Since here is as good a place as any to start your journey, check out our Short Haircuts and Hairstyle Tips for Men.

This article is part of our Trimmed & Terrific Series.

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man short hairstyle new looking

Men’s Short Hairstyle Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Being that short haircuts account for the lion’s share of men’s hairstyles, it’s important that you make yours stand out. Furthermore, each new year brings with it new styles and trends, hence it’s equally important that you keep up with the times. Here are some pointers to get while they’re hot:

    1. Texture is king right now, so be sure to utilise texture to its fullest potential. More texture means more room to play with various looks and styles.
    2. Try to go a little longer on the top than on the sides. A nice taper, fade or undercut compliments just about any short hairstyle on top and will serve you well.
    3. Proper hair products will help you go the extra style mile and allow you to experiment. Consider using some holding gel for conditioning and firmness, and then adding a touch (and just a touch) of pomade for texture and shine. Avoid the cheap stuff because you’ll get what you pay for.
    4. Don’t take your short hair for granted or let your aesthetic fall by the wayside. Visit your barber or hairdresser once every four weeks and maintain a diligent grooming regimen, including the removal of visible neck hair.
    5. If your hair is thinning out and bald spots are forming, avoid the comb-over or some other equally transparent method. Instead, go for a short crop cut, a buzz cut or shave your head entirely.

The Best Short Haircuts

Men’s Short Hairstyles

Thanks to a slew of hair products and creative minds, the list of short hairstyles for men is essentially limitless. Accordingly, it seems that every year a wider sector of men veers a little closer to Zoolander territory one bowl or Caesar cut at a time. However, most men still prefer a look that’s handsome but not necessarily runway ready, and there remain a few tried and true masculine styles that will simply never out of fashion. Here are a few of them:

buzz cut fade

1. Outgrown Buzz Cut

While easy the manage and therefore endlessly appealing to men, a proper buzz cut has taken on new dimension in recent years. If you have healthy growing hair, avoid the military buzz cut and consider an outgrown buzz cut instead. The latter requires a little more maintenance and often some hair product, but what you get in return is more room to flaunt those follicles and demonstrate personal style. Grow out the cut just a tad more and you can play with texture or volume and achieve a desirable balance between precision and messiness.


crop cut exudes sharpness

2. The Short Crop Cut

A solid crop cup is usually defined by short hair fixed close to the crown and commonly pointed forward or up. You can opt for equal length all around or juxtapose a longer top with a solid undercut and/or fade. With short men’s hair, the crop cut exudes sharpness. It’s a great look for the modern professional who works as hard as a plays.


modern quiff and modern pompadour

3. Swept Back Pompadour (or Quiff or Faux Hawk)

The pompadour might sound like something left over from 18th century France, but it’s actually a stunning look for men with short or medium length hair. There’s no need to go full Elvis. Instead, maintain a short men’s haircut and keep those follicles tame but nevertheless formidable. You have options here, like whether to go for a hard side part, prop it up or sweep it back. You might also consider tapering the sides. Whatever you decide, expect people to notice that hair. As to whether there’s a substantial difference between the pomp, quiff and faux hawk–we’ll let your barber deal with that one.


messy hair look guys

4. Messy Hairstyle

It might look effortless, but a quality messy hairstyle is anything but. Not only is the messy style immensely popular, but it’s a classic way to find your own unique look without veering too far outside the box. Meanwhile, the aesthetic pairs a timeless sense of masculinity with modern grooming techniques. Throw a killer smile into the mix and you’ll be breaking hearts every time you walk out the door.


comb over fade haircut with side part

5. Comb Over with Hard Side Part

Speaking of masculinity, thanks to Don Draper the men’s short haired comb over is back with a vengeance. As mentioned previously, comb overs shouldn’t be used to mask thinning hair. However, if you’ve got the volume then by all means apply some product and rock that part the way the best men used to.


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This article is part of our Trimmed & Terrific Series.

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